Monday, 3 October 2011

Ray on Monday - God On-Line

God On-Line

Lord, I want to thank You for prayer. You have given us a wonderful privilege through this spiritual relationship of Faith. However, I have to admit there are times when I don’t understand how You use my feeble efforts to achieve Your purposes. It strikes me as strange also that You allow me to talk over with You things You knew all about even before I was born.

Prayer must be part of heaven’s spiritual equipment designed for the benefit of Your people. The thinking, often unexpressed, is that prayer gives You room to move in our scene. To me that seems to make You a captive to our whims and our limited grasp of the wider scene. Surely, Lord, prayer is to bring us intoYour presence and make us responsive to Your intentions.

Sometimes Lord, I have a feeling I’m inclined to make my quiet times a ritual rather than a response to a relationship. Going through the motions downgrades our rendezvous into a charade and You’re worthy of far better worship than that. No longer do I want to say prayers. Father, I want to live them!
An impression has been gaining ground in my heart and mind since reading the scriptures about Your presence in the Tabernacle. Outwardly, the structure wasn’t much to look at. Inwardly, it was beautiful. Overall it was a testimony to the coming Messiah, Your Son Jesus. Another thing that impressed me about the tabernacle was its mobility.

Father, that made things clearer to my mind about Your indwelling presence in Your people. We may not be much to look at outwardly but You make us a place of beauty and a testimony to Jesus.
Now I’m more conscious of my prayer responsibilities wherever I happen to be. Mobility and devotion need to be wedded together in my life. Seizing opportunities to pray with You anywhere, at anytime, about anything has an appealing sound to my heart. Would You mind if, for my own benefit, I thought of these mobile prayer moments as “God On-Line?” It’ll keep a clearer focus in my mind between the other facets of prayer You require from time to time.

Should an angel ever record my God On-Line notes, may what is written be the outcome of my relationship with You. Let them be aware that what stirred me to pray at any given moment was important for me to share with You. And, You with me.

Thank you, God, for what I can see will be some interesting communications.

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