Return to Baragula

"Mary has written a wonderful book, not her first and certainly not her last. The story moves at a lovely pace and we get caught up in the lives of the characters easily. Congratulations to Mary for a great read, perfect for those cold nights we have coming." ~ Lee Franklin, 07 Jun 2008

A Must Read
"Years ago, I became fascinated with Australia, reading everything I could find about that continent nation. Eventually, a missionary friend introduced me to Lucy Walker novel. I scoured the used bookstores and collected quite a collection, which I read with interest. They were my first venture into the lives of Australians Later after my first book was published, I found Mary Hawkins. The same publisher who published my books also published several books from her. I've loved all of hers. Return To Baragula is her best book yet. As a reader, I was taken into the very hearts and souls of the characters. I have to admit that I stayed up far too late last night because the story wouldn't let me go."  ~ Lena Nelson Dooley, 10 Apr 2008

A relaxing read, Set in the Hunter Valley of NSW
"Yes, bought by a bloke, looking for a relaxing read and written by an Aussie and set in a part of NSW that I relate to. As the story progresses I could visualize the country town of Baragula in the beautiful Hunter Valley. Sure, it is a romance parts of the story could well be someone's story. The section that captivated me started in chapter 19, heavy rain, rugged countryside. Here the story came alive. I have been in this area when it rains, the roads become impassable, slippery, hilly unsealed roads with creek crossings and flooded low level bridges. It was all very exciting for an 8 yr old boy as we fought our way to the railway station in a Chev Truck fitted with chains. And yes, the floods of 1955 were real, no fiction there. This story as it unfolds rekindled happy memories. There are references to the scriptures that can be readily applied to real people in real situations. Thank you Mary, I look forward to "Outback from" Baragula. ~ Rob, 26 May 2008

"This is a highly readable novel that I whizzed through in two sittings. Given the speed with which, at that stage I picked up and discarded books because they refused to hold my interest, it is testimony to the story telling skills of Mary Hawkins that I wanted to keep turning the pages to see what happened and how the problems of Emily, Matthew and the townsfolk would be resolved. The conclusion is satisfying but not without the odd surprise along the way." Dale Harcombe

"Whether Return To Baragula is your kind of story or not, whether it polarises you, challenges you, or affirms your core beliefs, the actions of the characters, their ups and downs, flaws, behaviours, struggles and growth will make you think, look at yourself, your life, your belief system and the way you want to examine, interact with and dwell in this world." ~ multi-published Harlequin author Jennie Adam's April 5th blog

Outback From Baragula

"I couldn't put it down!  From the minute I started reading Outback From Baragula I just couldn't put it down! It has suspense, action, romance and great Aussie characters. A must-read!!!!" ~ Davinia, 09 Nov 2009

"Adventure, mystery, and romance wrapped together with a faith journey that tugs at one's heartstrings, Mary Hawkins' Outback From Baragula is an entertaining and potentially life-impacting story of two souls learning to trust in the guidance provided by a heavenly Father's loving hand. Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride!" ~ Kim Vogel Sawyer , best-selling and award winning author  and American Christian Fiction Writers 2009 Book of the Year

"Like the movie AustraliaOutback From Baragula is a suspenseful, wonderful slice of the country, especially living on a ranch in the Outback. The characters were engaging with real life problems and the suspense element kept you guessing exactly who did it." Margaret Daley, award winning, multi-published author