Thursday, 29 September 2011

Some “good” and “bad” about having influenza

The American Christian Fiction Writers conference has just concluded for 2011. I couldn't resist showing this book-signing day photo again of our wonderful time at the 2009 event in Denver, Colorado, before getting onto what we were doing last weekend! Perhaps we may be able to share with friends there again another year. I am certainly glad we did not try to go this year - as you will see below.

Except for rather mild hay-fever attacks, I’ve been very blessed to have missed seasonal illnesses the last few years. Not this year. And as is the nature of the beast, illness doesn’t attack at the most convenient of times. Our special guests were arriving in a couple of days for the weekend. Dr Deane Woods is the Australian Director of Friends of Israel and he and his wife were staying with us while he spoke at a series of special meetings on the theme Israel in Prophecy.

I was becoming more hopeful the direction my new manuscript was taking might be okay. The preparation for my workshop at the Word Writers Fair in Brisbane in November and also for the intensive Friday mentoring sessions were my next projects. And then that fever started with all that goes with influenza and my programme thrown into turmoil.

I started to list the discomforts and difficulties of the last week and more but I’m sure you have your own lists for these times. However, sweat did saturate my night clothes a few times in a way I really don’t remember occurring for many years.

So, is there ever a “right” timing for illness? That was the first of the “bad” on my list. It was very “bad” timing.
We fervently prayed for Deane and Margaret not to catch this rotten virus. Immediately following the weeks in Tasmania, he had three weeks of booked meetings in New Zealand. But a “good” was the way dear Margaret was so willing to take over the kitchen on one of my worst days and thus helping me to isolate myself as best I good from them.

My first thoughts were that this whole past week and more has been simply “BAD”. By last night I was beginning to seriously consider a doctor’s appointment today was necessary. But I strongly believe antibiotics are only needed for secondary infections from a virus. Then wonder of wonders, I woke up this morning after a wonderful 6 hours uninterrupted sleep, the first in eight days! My, how thankful and encouraged I felt. It has sure helped me to appreciate God’s gift of sleep which we can take for granted too much.

Another “good” is losing several kilograms – about half a stone for our international friends. Fluids took the place of most of my meals – something I must remember for days when I need to lose more weight?

With the sinus problems, I found my head and eyes ached too much when I tried to use the computer. Besides, my brain has been far too dull and slow to try and work here. Well, that’s my excuse why I’ve been able to read so many books. My huge pile of “Books To Be Read” is no more!

Perhaps the greatest “good” of all is the loving support of my very special husband. The wind was freezing for infected sinuses and chest to be outside in it, but those sheets and night clothes needed changing and washing. Married nearly 47 years to this wonderful man is something I will never be able to thank God enough for.

There is more I could share but time for a rest again. Hoping you too can experience the blessings God still pours out when our bodies remind us we are frail human beings.


  1. My heart goes out to you, Mary. Still, it sounds like you're over the worst, thank the Lord. But beware of trying to do too much. Take it s-l-o-w. Yes, having a caring hubby makes all the difference.

    My book launch went okay, but Gordon Moyes and a lecturer at Morling College attended the conference also. But I gave my spiel and tried to sound as if I did this all the time!!! I love announcing songs, or in-between patter when on a platform. But you know how it is when you're talking about your own book... I'll sleep better now that's over.

  2. Thank you, Rita, and knowing you I am sure your spiel went very well. I also never know what to say about my own books. There sometimes is such a fine line between promotion and boasting! Like Paul, all we really have to boast of is our wonderful Lord and what He does in and through us.
    I am thankful to say I am feeling better, especially after a few good nights' sleep! And my eyes now are not aching as much when on the computer. Just not quite full strength yet but getting there.
    Back to work!