Thursday, 6 October 2011

Word Writers Fair Workshop and CALEB Award

I'm "cheating" a little this week.
Today I also am a contributor to the International Christian Fiction Writers blog and have just posted that to be released 12:05AM American Pacific Time. With several states in Eastern Australia now on Summer Daylight Saving, here my post should be up about 7pm tonight our time - the "penalty" for being so many hours ahead of the USA!

If you've read my other posts here you know I've had a bout of influenza and this means my energy levels are now almost back to normal - whatever that is! So, please forgive this short post and click here to read my other post.
I am still trying to catch up on preparing for The Word Writers Fair in Queensland on November 11th-13th. I am a mentor again this year and also presenting a workshop there for beginner novelists called:
Preparing To Write That Novel
Have you been like too many people I have met over the years who wistfully and often shyly admit they would like to write a novel too “some day.” Then they confess they don’t know if they ever should or could because they don’t know how to go about doing it or even where to start. This workshop would address the basics for you to consider and the skills that are needed to be developed so you too can not only dream about it but work hard towards one day becoming a published fiction author.

And with my mind full of preparing this workshop, I have written a little about it on the ICFW post.
This coming weekend is The Word Writers Fair in Adelaide and I know it will be a great time there as will the one near Brisbane in November. It is not too late to check out these events and register. Do click on the above links and check our the great programmes.

And why the photo (again!) of my latest release? I am thrilled and excited that Justice at Baragula is one of three finalists in the Fiction category of the CALEB Award sponsored by Omega Writers . The other two finalists though are Carol Preston's Mary's Guardian and Paula Vince's Best Forgotten - both great books and it will be three nervous authors at that Awards dinner Friday 11th November in Queensland when the winner will be announced.

Would love to see you there!


  1. Mary, Nov 11 is the day we leave for Thailand, so could you send me the good news via the following email?

    Take things slow. You don't want to get a relapse as is often the case.

    lotsa love

  2. Thanks, Rita. I just sent you an email in reply to this. So sorry won't be seeing you in Brisbane but do have a safe and blessed ministry time in Thailand.

  3. Hi Mary,
    The Adelaide Writers Fair did go pretty well but I'm really forward to the one in Brisbane. You're right, that Awards dinner is going to be a very nervous time for at least three of us.