Monday, 31 October 2011

Ray on Monday - A Note About A Bucket

Some time ago I was reflecting upon our experiences in an African village. I penned the following thoughts as a conversation between me and the Lord. It has been sitting on the computer for some time and now it is unleashed.

Dear Lord,
Could you get me a bucket?

It’s a little thing I know and if I was back home in Australia I guess I wouldn’t be asking. Being here in this village makes little things appear rather huge and beyond reach. I’m not really good at their language and they won’t let me do any of the manual work, I’m a visitor.

But Lord, I can use a bucket.

Everyday these people work in the stifling heat. They get hot and weary. Wouldn’t it be great if I could go out to them with a bucket and a cup and offer them some water? Sure, it would mean walking a distance to the stream but that’s no big deal.

I remember what you said about giving a cup of cold water to the little ones who are your disciples.
The trouble is, where can I get a bucket? I never thought such a simple thing would almost seem like a miracle, well, not seem like, but actually would be a miracle. Lord, may I have eyes to see where you are pointing and guiding to answer this prayer.

What’s that Lord?

I sense you are stirring something in my heart and mind. You want me to be more than a bucket carrier. I’m to be your bucket? Have I got that right? As I share the cup of water I’m also to offer the Living Water of your grace.
hat will be a real test. My language skills are extremely limited, still, your Spirit can use my faltering words and love for these people to taste the wonder of your Living Water.

O Lord, thank you for your Living Water.

This one thing I would ask as I close. Don’t let me leak.
I want to thank you, in faith, for the bucket.

Since that prayer time has passed. We have returned home. Did they ever get the bucket? I believe so as by God’s grace through interest raised and finance sent. More importantly, Mary and I did have the pleasure and privilege of being carriers of ‘Living Water’ to those villagers and others in Africa and many other places.

Ray (the bucket) Hawkins.


  1. Thanks Mary,
    I love your imagery. Let's ask God to make us all into 'buckets' and on occasions when we do leak, let it not be wasted but water the gardens around us.

  2. Actually this is Ray's "imagery", Paula. Sorry I forgot to put up Ray on Monday on the title! Thank you for the comment, I so agree that too often for me the buscket leaks!