Friday, 28 October 2011

Writers also need loving Arms

Ray sees his books in a shop
for the first time.

Well, I'm later than ever this week but want to remind you not to miss out on a chance to win Ray's book, Children: God's Special Interest. Just leave a comment on his last Monday's post. Thank you to those who have already commented. We will draw a winner and announce it next Monday.

I had my first few hours since Haylee was born staying with the children last night as Ray and our son and daughter-in-law packed seahorses for an overseas order. This order was smaller than usual but if I stay with the children while the others work it means we all get more sleep. Yes, that's right! Ray dropped me off at 2a.m. before they all went down to Seahorse Australia. All was still and so I enjoyed the peace and quiet to read. Of course that is what writers do every spare moment they can! Then the baby snuffles gradually became more frequent. I had been told the next feed would hopefully not be until about 4a.m. but 3.30a.m was Haylee's reckoning! I picked her up and rocked her gently, hoping the cries would not become loud enough to wake up any other children, hoping Mum with the tucker would arrive - which she did. Dad arrived first though. Even as Mum strode into the room, he took his baby so gently and lovingly into his arms. I had to reluctantly leave them to scurry out to join Ray for the hours drive to reach the airport in time.

I have thought several times today about that look on our dear son's face as he looked down at his precious little one. How like that it must be when our Heavenly Father looks down on us when we are in need, when our burdens are heavy. Lovingly he wants us to relax in His arms even as eleven day old Haylee calmed when she heard her Dad's voice - which I found quite amazing in such a young baby.

No time to write that manuscript? Family, health problems, work commitments preventing you from doing so many things that need doing? Lately I've been so busy have spent very little time being quiet in meditation and reading the scriptures. Even last night I was reading a novel and not grasping the opportunity to spend time with my Heavenly Father. As Ray reminded me in his blog and by his own daily example, I do need to desire the real "milk", the nutrition for my spiritual life in Christ each day. With all the busy days-and nights!-we might have to journey through, let us always be quiet enough to recognise the loving arms, the comforting Words of our Father who loves us.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder Mary. As a full time mum of a teething bubby, it is so hard to find time to just sit and calm.... teething bubby takes all my attention, and is quite draining. I guess first thing in the morning, or while bubby is actually a sleep is the only time I can get. Housework just has to come second these days :-S