Saturday, 5 November 2011

Getting Ready - for several things!

Do you find yourself too often in the “Getting Ready” mode? I seem to be in that mode all the time lately!

We prepared for our new little grandchild – and gorgeous, thick black-haired and placid Haylee Mae arrived three weeks ago today.

Next we prepared for birthdays – both Haylee’s mother and her brother Adam’s second birthday just yesterday.

And while all those were waiting in the wings, we’ve been preparing to be away in Queensland for some time on a working holiday. This will be a very busy time to not only visit family but be involved in a writer’s conference, mentoring writers, two book-signing events, speaking appointments and inevitably other things we have not planned for.

This is one time I would like another lap-top computer. However I do prefer to work on this desk-top one so think the other would not be used enough to make the expense of keeping in updated worth while! And sometimes too, after all the hours on the computer, perhaps I need a holiday from it also?

The next major event of course is preparing for Christmas and having all our children here. How very special that will be this year again! There also appears to be a week looming in January of helping more writers at the Poatina Faith and Arts event here in Tasmania. Then there are hopes for a Romance Writers event... then...? I’m sure there will be others too as next year unwinds.

Blog followers, I’ve been able to schedule the Ray on Monday posts while we are away but am not sure about access to a computer to bring you this weekly Thursday (and too often Friday!) post or if I have time to schedule another each week while we are away. Do be patient with us! And we would love more followers of course, so if you just pop in occasionally we would still like you to join us as “Followers”.

And during all of this “busyness”, somehow my own writing on that manuscript tentatively called Her Outback Cowboy is sitting all forlorn waiting... and waiting...


  1. Mary, I so relate to you at the moment! I've been preparing for my book launch, and then preparing for a trip to QLD as well (looking forward to catching up!), then there's my son's birthday, our anniversary all mixed up in the middle there somewhere. I have written lists of things to do for every day of the week - otherwise I think I would go under!!! But, the launch is now out of the way, so we just have to pack etc... And I'm not even going to attempt to think about Christmas yet!! LOL

  2. Amanda, you make me feel tired just reading all you have been doing-and will do-in such a short time! I would so have loved being at your launch in Melbourne but looking forward to Qld too! Had to smile at the list. I managed to cross off heaps on mine before bed last night but now have added more. And tomorrow is a public holiday here in Northern Tassie which doesn't help.

  3. I smiled at the way you called what's ahead in Brisbane a 'working holiday.' That must be one of the understatements of the year.