Sunday, 20 June 2010


So glad you've popped in to visit. Ray's thoughts were posted here on Monday, May 31st and mine on Saturday, June 5th. Here are a few more photos from that wonderful time:-

There were many groups of writer friends having a chat. I interrupted this one with Tracie Peterson.

Then there was Kim Vogel Sawyer and Patti Hill. Loved those sunflowers, Kim!

And dear Kathy was next to our own table!

Don't forget there are several other photos on our blogs.

I really believe the best thing you can do for your Christian Fiction career is attend the ACFW conference - and as many years as you can.

Enjoy the blog tour.


  1. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for the photos and encouragement. I have a secret to share.
    My tickets are booked and I am set to attend the conference this year:)
    I am still pinching myself! As a newbie I may have some questions for you. For now I will just make my LONG list!
    Dorothy :)

  2. Oh, Dorothy, how to make me jealous! I am so thrilled for you. It looks like being a really wonderful time again. Do feel free to email me - or ring! Plan now to take heaps of photos to share.