Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Priorities? Finding enough time? They were obviously very ‘dangerous’ topics to post about in June. I’ve had very little time since then to write for this blog and am still sorting out my priorities each day since that post!

So, on this last day of June, I am so thankful for all those who have gone to the trouble of reading this “learner’s” efforts on this blog! Well, I’m still learning. One lesson has been that some weeks are so busy that posting as many times as I would like to simply is not possible. However, Ray supplied me with another of his devotions for today. I wonder. . .did he by any chance notice his wife has been too busy? Hopefully there have not been too many ‘frantic’ moments as crazy as the fowl in his story! Well. . .husbands do somehow notice these things! I certainly must try harder to put into practice the truths he shares here with us. I certainly need to find God’s way of escape through all the difficult, busy times.


The Frantic Fowl

Read 1 Peter 4:12-19.

No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out so that you can stand up to it. (Corinthians 10:13.)

Mary and I were awakened very early by the frantic screeching of an African Guinea fowl. We were part of a short-term mission team to Northern Ghana and had just finished three days of tiring and uncomfortable ministry. You can imagine the battle between the spiritual and carnal nature going on as I struggled out of bed.

Trying to find a hole, the fowl was running back and forth along a wire fence. Why the panic? Three vultures were eyeing it from a nearby tree waiting for it to die from exhaustion. The fowl ran backwards and forwards with non-stop screeching, but it was going only part of the way in one direction before turning back and thus each time missed finding the huge gap offering escape. I went out to chase it towards the breach. Unfortunately it must have thought I was going to get it for the pot and it became even more frantic. After a number of futile attempts I eventually managed to get it to the gap. Without a ‘thank you’ it went through in a ‘turbo’ charge and escaped. I have to say the vultures were unimpressed.

Panic in crisis moments can make us blind to ways of dealing with the issues. The Scriptures offer sound advice when it tells us ‘not to fret.’ Fretting makes us short-sighted, fearful, insecure, unbelieving and exhausted. What we need is to find God’s ‘hole in the fence’. God’s way out may be to give us His strength and wisdom so we will ‘stand’ or provide a fellow disciple to show the way. Maybe He will calm our spirit so we can see for ourselves the way out is there all the time but panic made us blind. At other times we may have to take a deep breath and trust God to blow a hole in the fence somehow, sometime! Paul’s confidence in tight situations is recorded: 'The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to His Kingdom.' ( 2 Timothy 4:18)

Then there was the incident with a pet goat. . . But that’s another story!

Thank you, my understanding husband!
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  1. This is a trial comment as someone having problems posting a comment.

  2. Really enjoyed your blog, Mary. What a wonderful reminder that we need to pause instead of panic, and seek the Lord. Blessings on your writing.

  3. So glad your comment went through this time, Connie! And the Lord reminded me again this morning of Matthew 6:34 "Do not worry about tomorrow." In fact verses 25-34 are all so important!

  4. What a wonderful devotional!! I keep a few chickens in the backyard and stories about fowl always interest me. I see so much of myself in these 'bird-beained' friends and marvel anew at God's goodness and provision. I recently chased a fox away from my chooks, and was reminded of the dangers which lurk every day. Praise God for his was of escape from temptation and the enemy.
    Dotti XX

  5. Hi Mary,
    Pausing instead of panicking, I must remember that one. :)

  6. I know only too well how easy to say but hard to do, Suzanne! What I find is vital is what I am doing during that "pause" and especially if I am walking as close to God as I should be so HE can show me that "hole in the fence."

  7. Thanks Mary! That's just what I needed to hear today. I feel much encouraged from those words. Panicking does make the way out seem hard to see. I must remember to find my peace in God and let Him show me the way out! XXOO

  8. Just had a peep at your blog, Amanda. Well done. And I did enjoy your book!
    Yes, we writers can sure panic at times. Have I shown that character clearly enough? Is the story interesting enough? Is the grammar in that sentence correct? What about that comma? Sigh. With whatever we do, we can only do our very best and leave the results to our loving Heavenly Father. That does bring peace to a writer!