Friday, 18 June 2010


Well, my last post I mentioned feeling stressed at all the tasks still waiting to be done here. Over the years my poor husband has tried to drill into me – and others – how important it is to have the right priorities. I’ve always found that easy to say, but to actually sort out those priorities day by day in the right and proper order is an entirely different thing. Of course, going to see the latest Shrek 3 movie was a priority yesterday! It was the first time we had been to the cinema since. . .since. . Sorry, has been so many months simply can’t remember, but I do know we have missed others we would like to have seen and it was great just to spend those few hours together.

Yes, a priority is definitely special times like that with my husband! And we did enjoy the movie and think it has some very good adult themes in it for husbands and wives.

Sure, I did tidy up this desk a week ago – oh dear, is it really a whole week okay? Guess what? Perhaps not quite as bad today but it is untidy once more. Well, at least today the dishes have been done, the floor attended to and morning tea with a friend just home from several weeks away on holidays. Then after lunch and just as I was about to get out my hard copy of my latest manuscript, Justice at Baragula, to continue editing, the phone rang. So, instead of doing that editing I ended up with a “good” excuse to procrastinate once more. I hate trying to edit unless I know I have an extended, uninterrupted amount of time to concentrate.

This afternoon I ended up supporting our local small hospital auxiliary’s Country and Western fund-raising afternoon. Well, have to admit I had an extra incentive with our son and daughter-in-law scheduled to present some “country” style songs. And I was so proud of them as the sang some of my favourite John Denver songs, Morning Has Broken and then Amazing Grace while I cuddled and played with our eight month old, smiling grandson.

So, it is now very dark outside on this very wet, cold winter’s day and time to cook tea. No work done – again – on my manuscript! But somehow I still think my priorities the last couple of days were important ones. At times family and friends do need to know they are very high on my list of priorities!

There will still be a few hours after our evening meal. But then, there is a favourite show on TV. I am feeling rather weary. After all, it is getting colder now in this office. And then there’s that book I’d love to read and then. . .

Yep! You’re right. Sometimes I just have excuses, not high-sounding priorities to deal with. Perhaps for my next blog I’ll be able to rave about all the things I have crossed off on that long list of mine. Perhaps I’ll think of some more photos to share.


Hoping you are NOT the same!

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  1. I'm definitely one who continually is reevaluating priorities and trying not just to focus on the urgent, but the important as well like time with family and friends. It's not easy is it. My to do list is never ending, but I'm really trying to focus on one day at a time and one thing at a time. Doing it right and then dealing with the next thing.