Thursday, 31 March 2016

Another Blog update at last.

                  Sincere apologies for not updating  here for so long. 

So, programmes like Blogspot and Google change. My problem of being able to create updates has been very frustrating - and too time-consuming. Once again, despite hours trying to work out email addresses and passwords to create this "New Post" had to get help from a fellow writer, Paula Roe. Paula created my website and once again has been wonderful. She spent a lot of her own precious time this morning helping me so that here I am again at long last.

THANK YOU, PAULA ROE  Do check out her website by clicking on her name. 

The days have been so busy, it is hard to believe it is now almost 12 months since publishing my last post. Last year was a great year filled with visits from family and friends - some not seen for far too long.   Afraid it did become so busy with other commitments, it left little time to even think about posting here on my blog - especially when it took so long just finding the "New Post" so could publish one.

Earlier in 2015 there were a lot of trips from our beautiful Beauty Point to Launceston health specialists for Ray and dental appointments for myself. We are thankful all is under control now. Although slowing down of course, taking longer to do things and sometimes the memory not as sharp, my husband and I are very grateful to have the health we do at this time of our lives. 

The busy year did interfere with our writing schedules. At last Ray's new book, the seventh in his themed 31 Day Devotional series has just been published and will soon be on the bookshelves.  

My two manuscripts, Her Outback Cowboy and Delayed Dreams (A follow-on from my 1994 Damaged Dreams with Barbour Publishing) are still needing final revisions.  It has been exciting to see Damaged Dreams and all my back list from Barbour now out again as e-books. The plan is still to have eight more of my back list also available as e-books.

When possible, I still enjoy sharing with other writers online, but especially face to face at Conferences and writer events. 

At a special monthly SWWT meeting a few years ago.
 I am still very involved with activities of the Society Women Writers Tasmania. This year we are hosting the national society's Alice Award Event in August. 

AND NOW, 2016?
 Poatina Faith and the Arts with writers
It commenced in January with me at the Poatina Faith and Arts week. It was a privilege to again host the Creative Writing elective. It was the fore-runner of what is already looking like another very busy year. 

Ray and I at long last are going on our Indian Pacific Train trip to Perth. We have a book-signing there at Mt Lawley Koorong bookshop on April 30th and other speaking and meeting appointments are being scheduled in April and May. In June we are taking our car to the mainland for our next trip. Besides seeing friends and family, we have accepted an invitation to the three day Christian High Schools Writing Retreat at Tahlee in NSW. We are looking forward to this but know it will be a challenge to share with keen young writers some of the things learnt over the years about writing,

It has thrilled me to see books now published by authors I have shared with over the years at conferences, workshops and mentoring programmes. Perhaps more of that in future blog posts. 

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