Monday, 21 May 2012

Ray on Monday - The Case of the Lost Community Compass

A fantastic day last Saturday at the Romance Writers of Australia Roadshow - but more of that next Thursday. However, writers also need - a Compass!

A faulty compass is a silent killer or guide to an undesirable end. Many in society have accepted a faulty moral compass with distressing results. Proverbs 16:25:’There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.’

As people live by their faulty direction finder, how loud is their condemnation when things go wrong; how self righteously they throw stones at a person who is revealed as a scoundrel, thief, sexual deviant. But, in fairness to those enduring unpleasant consequences, they are the result of their compass.

Manufacturers of the faulty moral compass have worked hard and long to replace the time tested, correct directional finder for personal happiness and community well being. Such a compass was set to the Ten Commandment as absolutes to guide through life and relationships. It was there to make us appreciate our need for the Saviour and His help to live the way the compass pointed. Once rejected and replaced, men and women set their own course without having a sense of direction or an unchangeable standard of behaviour. Is it any wonder the young are exploited, the old are disillusioned and life is lawless!

God’s compass for life hasn’t been destroyed. It has been replaced. The answer to personal integrity, nobility of character, persistence in faithfulness is to reclaim the compass of the Absolute. To accept its direction will reveal personal inadequacies and at the same time point to the One who can provide forgiveness, newness and hope. As the Lord says in His word, “Why will you die?” – especially when He offers life, abundant life, with a compass pointing to truth, righteousness and justice!

Now is a good time to have a serious look at your life’s directional code. Is it leading you to disillusionment with moral and eternal destruction? You have the choice to change and reclaim God’s absolutes for a fulfilled and purposeful life. Pick up a Bible and start reading, it is absolutely great!

Ray (with the Absolute compass) Hawkins.

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