Thursday, 17 May 2012


Thanks again to Ray's writing!

I'm busy with the last couple of days preparing for the Romance Writers of Australia Tassie Roadshow and will bring a report to you next week.

Hmm, these thoughts do make me wonder what he has had to put up with from me over the years though. And now we are both writing?

                                 IS WRITING A WASTE OF TIME?

The writer’s immediate response is “No!”
The reader’s considered response is “Depends.”
The non reader’s reaction would be “Yes!”
Let’s consider…

Is writing a waste of time,
Locking us in an office
Shut away from all sunshine?
Household chores in limbo.
Keyboards clatter night, day.
Spouse, children do pray,
“Lord, grant the writer success
Or cure such an illness.
Please relieve our distress
For so much wasted time.”

Is writing a waste of time,
A poor use of artistry?
Waste bins paper filled.
Envelopes full of bills.
Rejects, rewrites, reworks
Decorate the room.
Creating images,
They cast a sense of gloom
As to whether it’s worth
Just so much wasted time.

Is writing a waste of time,
A thief of one’s vitality,
A threat to compatibility?
Changed lives redirected,
Lost people reconnected,
Ignorance corrected
Form a queue for you.
In prosperity or penury,
To affirm the writing cause
Is not a waste of time!

                                    ©Raymond N. Hawkins. May 9th 2012.

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  1. Hello Mary, This was interesting, and of course, I would have to say, its not a waste of time, but then, as you say, another would say it is.
    I hope children never stop reading and writing... Although, with all the games around and exciting movies many do. We grew up in the age of no television so we learned to love books. Today there are so many writers and books that I hope the readers don't disappear.
    I am looking forward to the Writers Conference in October here in Qld.
    You and your hubby are wonderful!!!
    Have a Blessed time at the Romance Writers Club. xx