Monday, 11 July 2011

When you think its safe…!

After all, it was decided I wasn’t required to transport the visiting Texans to the airport at 4am to catch the first plane on their flight home. Instead of that two hour round trip, I was safely tucked in bed dreaming of cups of tea under a gumtree somewhere. Then the phone rang at 4:45am. Help! Passports had been left behind. They had fallen down and weren’t visible when packing. My daughter-in-law asked if we, meaning I, could go and mind the sleeping children (lucky ones) while she raced away with the important material.

Needless to say it worked out okay with only about ten minutes to spare! Now they are back in Texas with many stories to tell of God’s grace tasted during their two weeks here with us. Will they confess to disturbing my peaceful sleep and not finishing my ‘cup of tea’ in my dreams?

Life is like that. Just when you think everything is together, comfortable, sorted out, well planned and offering time for ‘tea’ something seems to unsettle it. When that happens more than the blood pressure can shoot up! We are silly people are we not? If we have committed our way to the Lord, He at least knows what is going to happen to unsettle us. Getting on in years has its benefits. For I’ve learnt by experience and God’s Word that He has provided for us in our unseen, unwanted and unsettled times.

What causes us to miss seeing and seizing His provision? Panic! That’s why God wants to breathe deeply into us His peace and clear our minds of anxiety by reminding us He has it under control. I might have missed some sleep, as did Rachelle, but they didn’t miss their plane. Isn’t it great when God invests in you His trust to be the answer to someone else’s need..

So, when you think it is safe…!

Ray, sleepless in Beauty Point? Oh no! Another blog post to write!

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  1. Ah yes, Ray, God is in control. Thanks for the reminder. :)