Thursday, 7 July 2011

Fellowship through similar interests and commitment

This past week has been a feast of fellowship for me with other writers and other committed Christians.

Let me start with the monthly meeting of Society Women Writers Tasmania last Monday. I was unable to go last month and it was good to hear what the writers had been busy doing. Then we enjoyed the workshop about understanding people with sociopathic characteristics and how to portray them in our writing efforts. I find these meetings with other writers stimulating, help me be more disciplined with my writing. This time I did remember to take some photos!

Ray shared on his post last Monday a little about our week of fellowship with our Texas friends. The last few days have continued to be a feast for us here in our little church in our small village on the shores of the beautiful Tamar River.

Last week we shared fellowship on a special evening for the ladies. My diet certainly flew out the window with the temptation of all the goodies prepared for us. It was a fun night which included that chocolate fountain where we coated yummy marshmallows, strawberries and even slices of banana now rather a luxury after the floods this year in Australia destroyed so many plantations! While we nibbled away (now... is that the right word or should it be guzzled for me?), it was great to chat together and get to know women from our area. Later we were blessed and also challenged in our daily walk with God through the items in song and the talk by Heather Horton from Lake Fork Baptist church.

Well, that was last week’s feast for fellowship - especially with other women - but yesterday and today were added feasts as we shared a morning tea again with women in our neighbouring village. Today I was privileged to take our three ladies from Texas to enjoy with me the Beaconsfield Aglow meeting. Another time of praising God and this time being reminded that God’s promises are sure, certain and He never fails to keep them. But what about promises we have made not only to others but especially to God?

And perhaps the fact I kept forgetting to take more photos to share here and on Facebook is an indication how carried away I get at times when sharing God’s Word with other women. It is not only a time of enjoying fellowship but sharing the challenges to live as women who belong to Jesus Christ. Only then can God be glorified in and through us as we not only “talk the walk” but “walk the talk.”

And so, I've enjoyed fellowship these past days with writers who share with me a passion to put thoughts in words on paper and women who seek also to be strengthened in their Christian walk and praise the Lord as I do.
What kind of fellowship do you enjoy the most?

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