Monday, 27 June 2011

RAY ON MONDAY: The Team From Texas

Last Saturday I picked up six Texans from Launceston airport. They had managed - well not them but the pilots - had managed to beat the Chilean ash cloud and safely drop down onto Tassie’s soil. They are here for two weeks to share the Good News of Christ Jesus with Children and Youth especially. We older young people are not forgotten with special functions, coffees and barbeques to meet, share and listen.

Chris and Heather Horton have been with us the past two years at this time. Last year their children, Dempsey and Jason, came and are here again. They have all been appreciated and their return visit has been eagerly anticipated. They left a blazing hot Texas and came to a wet, windy and cold Tasmania. However things have brightened up and the first service and Fellowship Tea was great. As it has stopped raining, the youth bonfire tonight has gone ahead.

One young man, Ben, came to their first meetings in 2009. He made a commitment and was baptised in Bass Strait. He has undertaken a Fusion training course and hopes to work with them at the U.K. Olympics. Ben arrived today from his practical training with Fusion in Victoria and will be with us for the next few weeks which is wonderful.

Mary and I had a book signing day at Koorong last Friday. Whilst not crushed under the press of the crowd we did sign a good number and had a marvellous time talking to people on a whole range of topics. We have another in Hobart in July 22nd.

Last week I was interviewed by phone by a Christian radio presenter from Toowoomba. Being so far away we missed it, even when we tried their webpage. Isn’t technology great! Unfortunately it is neutral and therefore subject to the heart condition of those pressing the keys. For those with the knack and opportunity, use it for good, for God and for grounding people in the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Have a great week and I’ll ‘blog’ you next week.


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