Tuesday, 21 June 2011

RAY'S MONDAY: When is a launch not a small boat?

Sounds strange to call a book event ‘a launch’. In our minds the word may conjure up images of sleek, fast moving motor type boats. However Mary and I had a book launch without slipways and the smashing of a bottle over the keel. (A pagan offering to the sea god anyway.)

Children: God’s Special Interest, my first 31 Day Devotional, was introduced by Pastor Craig Spaulding, associate minister at the Door of Hope. He commented on how relevant the devotions were in our present moral climate of either ignoring or exploiting children. He recommended people read them to understand God’s heart for the young.

From Eden with Love is a 31 Day Devotional on the Biblical presentation of Marriage. The speaker introducing it was Mark Brown, Tasmanian Director for Australian Christian Lobby . He pointed out the easy understandable and uplifting daily readings on this important theme is especially valid in today’s confused thinking about Marriage.

As well as other pertinent comments, in response I mentioned that all royalties from these books go to two Christian enterprises. One is the Churches of Christ Children’s Home in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The other goes to Australian Christian Lobby - and you don’t have to think hard as to which goes where.

Mary’s latest and final (mmm... or is it? She hinted there was another idea bubbling about another minor character!) in the Baragula series, Justice at Baragula was last but not least to be launched.

We were very grateful to Mrs Ann Fair from the bookshop at Door of Hope in Launceston (a Church of Christ) for helping to organise and promote the book launch. She also skilfully introduced Mary's book and read some of the first scene in chapter one. Mary then gave some insights into this book about two young people, a policeman and farmer’s daughter, seeking to deal with their past hurts and brokenness. She mentioned briefly how the characters in this book emerged from out of the previous two in her Baragula series. Their  story had to be told.

The readers were reminded that while this story is written as fiction, there are many broken-hearted folk, including Christians with deep hurts from the past that need healing. There is help available, including from the organisation Careforce Lifekeys as mentioned in the "Authors Note" at the end of this book.

One of the things I enjoy about serving God is how He ties things together. In the morning church service Sandy Hart spoke on overcoming issues from the past, an apt introduction to Mary’s book. Craig is going with Compassion International (a Children’s Ministry) to the Philippines and Mark’s wife Sue is a long time friend of our children from NSW.

Today (Tuesday as I’m running late with this) I was interviewed by a Toowoomba Christian radio station, Voice 92.9FM. This will be played on Thursday morning around 9:00-9:30am on their Catching Up programme. Thos in the viewing area should check the radio for details but folk anywhere in the world should be able to listen live on the internet. Website:

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  1. Congratulations, You two are doing very well. I loved my book Return to Baragala. Have much to read at the moment otherwise I would buy another one....I do recommend you as an author Mary. Love your stories. Blessings Crystal x

  2. Thank you, Crystal! Did you know Koorong currently has a special discount on their books right now? And I too have a pile of books to read so know what it's like to want that "next" book! LOL