Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Ray on Monday - and a book giveaway!

Well, as hard as I try to post every week, there have been too many weeks lately when I have found having enough time to do this very difficult. So, what does a wife do who has a husband who also writes? She coaxes him to spend some of his precious time helping out! I will still try to post here each Wednesday and Ray will try to write a post for me to publish here each Monday. Oops, so this is Tuesday but hopefully next week will be on Monday!
And there is Ray's first giveaway here - more at the end.

Book Pile Up
The disillusioned old preacher thought he had a problem with his library. “Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body.” Ecclesiastes 12:12b. We think we have problems storing our books but it is nothing compared to the ancient’s dilemma.
Imagine trying to write on wet clay then baking it for reading purposes. They may last through untold ages, but storing them, what a nightmare! Scrolls would be easier but a burden to read in bed.
These thoughts arose as I contemplated our recent book launches. Mary’s latest book ‘Justice at Baragula’ and my 31 Day Devotionals ‘Children – God’s special Interest, plus ‘From Eden with Love’ got a kick start at Ringwood Church of Christ. It was a great time as speakers introduced the books and especially in Mary’s book, certain characters came to life that reminded hearers of well loved friends.
Writing is a privilege wrapped up in serious responsibilities. Whether to help us relax or inform, to challenge and motivate through fiction or fact what is written has a purpose. As the preacher said, study wearies the body, but a book can also refresh one’s faith, stimulate desire, correct an injustice and show the way to God’s realm and pleasure.
I’ve so many books. Most I’ve read. Others may remain unread because I’m so slow at reading and yet have a compulsion to write (whether or not others read what is written). What encourages me as a reader/writer is that many of the books on my shelves, in drawers and dare I say it, in the garage, will catch the eye of others after I’ve gone to glory. So I guess I’ll probably be buying books until the day I die because there may be something in one of them which makes me appreciate my Lord more and more. It also means it may grab someone else later on.
Books pile up…isn’t that a great problem!
Yours between the pages.
Raymond N Hawkins

We have just had a successful launch of these books in Melbourne and have our Tasmanian one in Launceston this Sunday at the Door of Hope church, 12 midday. If you would like a copy of one of Ray's just released 31 Day Devotional meditation books, please leave a comment, your email address and which book you would like. Here is a little more from the cover blurbs about each book to help you choose. You might like to check out more on the publisher's website http://www.evenbeforepublishing.com/

Ray Hawkins has a heart for children. In these devotions and studies he uses scripture and ideas to help us focus and meditate on God’s heart for children.
Designed for parents, teachers, grandparents and anyone who has the pleasure of being around children.
Rediscover God’s Word about children.
Refresh your heart with God’s love for Children.
Rekindle passion to be their example for Christ’s honour.
Reflect on God’s Special Interest: Children.

Thought provoking, challenges to married couples and those preparing for marriage.
Meditate on God’s Heart for Marriage.
Discover the Heavenly mystery underpinning the meaning of the Christian Marriage.

So...what about your thoughts on that pile of books you have! The draw will conclude next Sunday and the winner announced on Monday - hopefully as long as my pile of books is not too tempting for this bookworm!


  1. Hi Ray and Mary,

    I just bought both of Ray's new devotional books on the weekend, and they are inspired by God, and fabulous to read. I have just started From Eden with Love. Looking forward to all of the wisdom God is going to reveal to me through those pages. I suppose if I win a copy I can give them to a friend.

    Blessings to you both

    Nicole Watson :)

  2. Ray, I had the pleasure of appraising your devotionals for Rochelle when they were at manuscript stage. Honestly, I am yet to visit Koorong to purchase a copy, oops! BUT now that you are having a give-away I would love a copy!!


  3. I love my pile of books - they are a treasure! Ray, I loved hearing your heart for children when you spoke in Ringwood. What a blessing! Looking forward to being inspired by your devotionals. :) God bless.

  4. Thank you Nicole, Ray read your comment and is very encouraged as he continues to write other devotions for themed books in his 31 Day series!

  5. Narelle, we owe you a big thank you for giving a favourable appraisal of Ray's manuscript. Even though we've been married now for 46 and a half years, when I helped him edit them the deep thoughts blew me away!

  6. And Amanda - as well as Nicole and Narelle, I'll enter you in the draw and you can always give away to someone else as a gift if you win! Thank you for your comments.

  7. Sorry this is late - and not because of my pile of books! Congratulations to Narelle for wining her choice of one of Ray's books.