Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Missed Week?

Certainly not through choice, my time sitting down this week has been limited. Even the preparations before the routine examination in Day Surgery were too uncomfortable to get much work done properly, and since the Day last Friday. . . Lets just say other parts of my anatomy including the brain haven’t been working too well and it helps to lie down!

Just one week of disruption has spilt over into so many corners of my life, including neglecting this blog.

There seemed so many things to do before the Preparation Day the day before the Day Surgery. The housework had to be up to date, the laundry finished, the last of those peaches becoming too ripe needed to be dealt with – and in between all that trying to keep up with email of course! Just in case the after effects would limit my time on the computer, there were several projects to try and finish, including the talk for a Rotary meeting the evening before the Preparation Day of fluids only and yucky other stuff to force down. Despite my eating restrictions I had to watch while we had dinner, that talk did turn out quite well.

But I didn’t manage to do that workshop on writing a synopsis and hints for submitting a manuscript to publishers. I hope it may help other writers at the meeting next Monday of the Society Women Writers Tasmania – if I can stand and sit here alternately long enough to finish it!

Hopefully next week things will be back to normal because the “to do” list seems to keep growing. There is the Bible Study elective for the Women’s Conference for later in March, all the organising of the book launches, the promotion of Justice at Baragula and helping Ray with his books too. I am thankful to have a guest author, Paula Vince booked to be my guest on my next scheduled post on the International Christian Fiction Writers in a couple of weeks but there are another couple of blogs I've been asked to be a guest on - will let you know about those as they happen.

Mmm. . .after writing about all those commitments it seems I should be looking more closely at my diary before agreeing to accept anything else? Her Outback Cowboy has to be written some time!

To catch up on these and several other commitments looming closer, perhaps as soon as I can I will need to burn that midnight electricity well into the night.

So, how do you handle having to miss days when you know you should be doing more than sitting awhile, lying down awhile and perhaps reading or watching TV?


  1. Praying that all goes well for your Day Surgery Mary. We have spent many days in hospital over the last few years and it seems that all of those other 'important' things just have to take a backseat for a while. Instead of letting the down time frustrate me now, I choose to look for the reason I have been placed in the situation. For example, whenever I am in emergnecy or at the doctors with one of the children, I nearly always find that there is someone there I am supposed to talk to. God is very creative with the times which we believe to be a waste of time. I have spent many full days and nights just sitting in hospital waiting. It has certainly taught me to be more patient and more alert to God's voice. In the beginning though it used to drive me crazy! I am a very busy person and learning to sit still does not come easy for me.
    Blessings to you

  2. Feeling much better today, Nicole, and thank you for your comment - so true. And now back to catching up on that list of "to do" things!