Thursday, 10 March 2011

Books – And More Books!

I have another birthday looming in a few weeks – or is it a couple? Well, already I’m being asked, “what would you like for your birthday, Mum?” I think I heard my daughter sigh at the other end of the phone when I promptly said, “a voucher for buying books.”

There are just so many wonderful books I’d love to buy, especially Christian novels which are not in our local library. Then of course, being a hoarder I love to keep books but our bookshelves are already overflowing – out to the garage actually! I checked out our last credit card statement and was a bit ashamed at how many times I’d put it up that month from my visit to my favourite bookshop. In fact, I’d looked at it only a day or so before our daughter rang and hence my prompt birthday wish.

So, I’m a reader who has to exercise discipline to write her own books.
But then the cover of my next book arrives.
It is actually happening! All those hours on the computer, all those moans and groans when I realised I had to rewrite “that” section, when I had to pour over the manuscript again and again trying to “get it right.” But here it is. I’ve written another book and a publisher is making it possible for me to share it with people who will actually read it!

The thrill of seeing the cover for my soon-to-be-released novel never fades. With it also comes the need to share it with my readers – and the hope they will enjoy it even if it does increase their credit card account!

Justice at Baragula is Book Three in my Baragula series and will be released in May – only weeks away now. In it readers will meet old friends again from Return to Baragula and Outback From Baragula. Mmm. . .I wonder if readers will be able to tell by the characters in this book which particular one is a favourite of mine from Book Two!

Do check out the cover and blurb on the website of Ark House Press (click here) for my nineteenth title and let me know what you think.
And now of course I’m wondering which manuscript will become my twentieth book – if I stop reading other writer’s books long enough to write it!


  1. So, you still get excited over a new book coming out, even when your up to number nineteen? Awesome! I hope I can get that far. The cover looks great. I am soooo looking forward to reading it - especially after reading the blurb yesterday! I used to get gifts of books all the time for birthdays and Christmas - but all of a sudden it is like they've all forgotten what I love best. Grrr! I have a penury of books at present. And my poor credit card can't cope! :(

  2. I go one better and give my son a list of books I'd like and where to buy them. He is happy with that and it's still a surprise because the list is so long. He usually manages to sneak something else in as well.

  3. Sorry to have taken so long to respond to your very encouraging comment, Amanda. Today has been a "catch up" on not only blogs but a bit of houseworks and gardening - although I think I'm losing on the garden front!
    A great idea, Dale! I'll have to try that but birthday over this year - oh, but there is Mother's Day soon isn't there!