Friday, 23 July 2010

Meditation Moment

Another busy week for both Ray and I. Ray was thrilled to be asked to sign a contract with Tyndale for two of his devotions to be included in one of their 365 day devotional books. I have just finished editing and sending off the three manuscripts of my Baragula series to an agent who has asked for them. I do not expect to hear for several weeks whether she will ask me to be one of her clients. However, in this waiting period I can now try and forget them as I tackle that list of “To Do” things and enjoy our precious grandchildren more. One “to do” thing of course – in between preparing a writers’ workshop and talks for a Womens’ Retreat - is to try and be more regular with posting here to our blog!
I do hope you enjoy these thoughts from Ray – and the photos of our three children, three of our grandsons in their Larry Boy hats, Clint and Serena sharing Ray’s new recliner. Adam is no longer that small new-born baby we first met last year but starting to move around on the floor – a very happy little fellow.

It has been fun finding these photos to share with you – and also a reminder to me that “I am being watched” always!
                          You are being watched

Those big brown eyes didn’t blink. With the intensity of a small child he was absorbing all I was doing. Sitting on my knee as I was having a cup of tea and munching a biscuit, my grandson had a quizzical look. At a guess I’d say he was wondering what I was doing. It made me slightly edgy.

Giving him a biscuit (a cookie for any American readers) to distract him became a lesson to me. He watched me chew and then tried to eat his the same way. I became rather self conscious as I ate, knowing he was trying to eat the same way.

However it did re-enforce the truth about setting an example and acting responsibly.

During the time we had together I pushed the swing in which he sat, we kicked a ball, read a story and watched some cartoons. Great fun, wonderful privilege and all the while he was taking in my attitude and actions.

When he went home I was exhausted. I also felt as though his eyes were still looking at me. They were so trusting. There was a sense of being secure with me which gave me a real sense of privilege.

Lord, I’m so grateful for being a father, a grandfather. At the same time I know it is a big responsibility. You have taught my wife and I so much as parents as we built our lives on your word. To have our three children walk their journey with you has been our greatest thrill. Now you give us the joy of being a support to our son and daughter in law in their God given role as parents.

I’m reminded of what the Apostle Paul wrote to the Philippians, “Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me – put it into practice.”
Lord, as you can see I’m resting up at the moment, recovering I guess it’s called. Still, I’ll be ready when he returns. May it be soon! I wonder what he will be watching me doing - and trying to do it too? Should be an interesting time together.
It makes me wonder who else is watching?

It is always good to welcome new followers. I trust you all continue to join us regularly. And never forget, Jesus wants us to know Him, watch Him at work in our lives so we can share His love with those we meet.


  1. Ray, congrats on your contract with Tyndale! I've enjoyed reading your devotional posts on the International Christian Fiction Writers blog and it will be wonderful to see your devotions in print :-)

    Mary, thanks for sharing your photos and stories about your adorable grandchildren :-)

  2. Thank you, Narelle. And obviously you had no problem like another follower in posting your comment!

  3. Good luck with the agent, Mary! I'll be praying. :)

  4. Thank you, Amanda. This is a great opportunity, but it is also part of a door I'm knocking on to see whether God wants to open this one for me to being published again overseas.