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Monday, 5 March 2012

Are You All I Need?

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Ray says<
This took place some time ago. I wrote it to try and fill out the ‘how’ of why the Lord is all we need. Not that He is like a ‘spiritual ATM, rather He co-ops others to work with Him in meeting the needs He knows we have.

I can’t help musing over a song at church this morning. It niggled me, Lord. Took some effort to put it on hold even when the preacher spoke. The song was in many ways a love song to you. The singer sang it so well. However, every-time she sang, “you’re all I need” I felt this sentiment didn’t fully explain how you are all we need. Sometimes we get caught up in the emotion of the moment and forget you meet our need often through others.
Adam wasn’t able to sing that song. The account in Genesis records it for our instruction. He had the best of your creation yet you knew he was missing out. Your company, which must have been awesome, still left him lacking. Eve was your answer.
When you walked Judea, a leper came across your path. What moves me in reading about it was the fact that you touched him. How long had it been since he’d been touched, hugged, or had been able to embrace another? What a momentous occasion it must have been to know your touch. I guess this is the reason why the Church is in the forefront of caring for the outcastes of this world.
Lord, so many people have the need of another. The list is endless. Knowing genuine compassion in their poverty, receiving a letter in their isolation, having a hug in their aloneness, an advocate for their cause, are examples which come to my mind. When someone stands side by side in your need it’s so encouraging. The combination of the tangible and the invisible seems to me to be Heaven’s preferred option.
The apostle Paul talked about the sufficiency of your grace. He also was grateful for the tangible and practical expression of spirituality through the Philippians church. Remember when you walked this earth? The Gospels tell us how the women ministered to you from their resources. One of the sad instances, highlighting what I mean, was when you asked three disciples to stand with you in prayer. Gethsemane must have been so much harder because they let you down.
The one sitting beside me is another reason why I thought the song lacked certain clarity. You knew my need, my deficiencies, my personality short-comings and you met my need in my wife. Thank you Lord for her! If I’d remained single I guess you’d have provided friends to counter balance my needs.
There’s no way I’m downplaying my need for you as Lord and Saviour, companion and friend. What I’m contemplating is that there are times when I need the tangible touch, the emotional release, the verbal interchange of others with flesh and blood. You know that. That’s one reason you’ve put me into the Church family. For that I’m forever grateful.
Lord, let me be in some way, your tangible expression in meeting the need of another, today.
(I often like to express my devotional thoughts as a conversation with the Lord. Some would see it as a monologue but I pick up my Lord’s reply through His word)
Ray (the talkative type) Hawkins.


  1. I love this Ray. I remember thinking when I was single, "Lord, you are a wonderful companion, but I would really like someone with skin on." We do need that human touch. Blessings.

  2. Hi Amanda.

    How's the wet affecting you? I think it is in such times we appreciate the interweaving of the spiritual cry with the physical answer.
    I'm constantly challenged by 1 Cor. 3 where Paul calls us co-labourers with the Lord.' It is a privilege to be the one who helps meet a need as directed by Christ Jesus.
    Thanks for your post.
    Have a great week.