Thursday, 1 March 2012

Writing conferences

ACFW 2009 with Debbie Macomber,
and senior editors,
Allen Arnold & Karen Ball 
I love them. The year ahead has more to choose from too!

Meeting other writers face to face, learning from other professionals in the industry from talks, workshop electives, panels is invaluable. Unfortunately they can become rather expensive too, but I really do believe can be the difference having that manuscript die in the bottom draw or being revised and re-written to a publishable standard. Networking online has become really essential for authors and I would dare to say networking is also very important at conferences.
 They are also heaps of fun and I can’t resist sharing some photos with you.

ACFW 2009 I meet a favourite author,
Colleen Coble

Ray and I decided we had to go to the American Christian Fiction Writers conference in 2009 at Denver, Colorado and had a simply wonderful time. This year we have been thinking seriously about going again. It is in Dallas this year and not too far from some Texas friends we have made. So, off we went to the Travel Agent. The money it would cost us just to fly there was daunting. Besides, we have been involved here in Australia now with other writers’ events.
RWA 2005 one of founders,
Lynne Wilding, and famous Australian
romance writer, Emma Darcy
 Since Romance Writers Australia commenced back in 1991 I have only missed a few of their conferences. However, last year I missed the one held in Melbourne and this year had decided I also could not go to the one in August at the Gold Coast in Queensland. I have also become more and more involved in events targeting the Australian Christian publishing industry. This year the first live-in weekend for us has been organised in October, also in Queensland and why thought could not fly up there for both events.
 But I have writer friends I have not seen for ages at RWA so now am seriously thinking perhaps we can manage that conference as well as the Getaway one. Besides, have just discovered Ray’s publisher, Rochelle Manners from Even Before Publishing is going to be there also and presenting a workshop on inspirational and Faith-based Romance!

This photo was taken at RWA 2007 on the fun Friday evening with Sheila Hodgson, Harlequin M&B senior editor from London and multi-published, Australian author, Barbara Hannay.

I have been privileged to present workshops at RWA conferences in the past about writing for the inspirational romance market, and this year am pleased that Rochelle Manners from Even Before Publishing will be presenting the workshop, Inspirational and Faith-based Romance.
It seems I'll just have to try and go to RWA Annual conference again this year as well as the first live-in Getaway weekend for Christian writers in October in Queensland.
You will be hearing more about these in future blogs.
And the draw for Ray's book, From Eden With Love, is still open so do go to the post before this one and leave a comment to enter. Remember we do need at least four comments for there to be a winner!

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  1. I look forward to going to more than one conference a year. But $$$ and babysitters are an issue. I'm thankful for the online conf I tap into writeoncon and there is also one that Bethal church runs every 2 years. I'll subscribe to that again next year.
    I am looking forward to the getaway weekend. See you there. X