Thursday, 8 March 2012

When the courier arrives...

No matter if it is your first book, third book or 19th title, when that truck arrives at last the excitement hits. Well, at least when I know it can’t be delivering anything else except those boxes of books at long last.

The weeks, months, even years coast by. The manuscript is thought about, even dreamed about, written, re-written, edited, re-edited and submitted at last to a publisher – or many publishers for my books! Then the edits arrive, the manuscript checked and checked and re-checked again. The release date is decided and the wait for that Courier truck starts!

Well, Ray’s boxes arrived today. He wasn’t at home so I had to sign for them. And of course, he took one look at my face when he arrived a little while later and said, “the books arrived!”

I already had the scissors ready for him to open the box on top. For the first time he held “Captured by Calvary” in his hand. We are delighted with the cover and the way Rochelle Manners at Even Before Publishing has presented it. Do click on the publisher's name and read more about the book and his first two books also of course. (There have not been enough comments on his Ray on Monday giveaway for "From Eden with Love" yet but we will only draw next Monday if we have four comments! Of course, there will be some giveaways of this new book too. Watch this space!)

A little time later an old friend arrived we had not seen for quite a long time. Need I mention he took home a signed copy?

Now the wait starts to see if our friend enjoys it, if reviews are positive and, above all, if Ray’s devotional book is used by God to bless and challenge all those who read it and meditate on its truths.

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