Friday, 31 May 2013

These Many Years


A long time ago a nurse met a handsome young man at  Bible college. They soon fell in love and married.

Over the years they shared many things and today they are both writers. She writes romance novels, he writes devotional meditation books but also poetry that often brings tears of delight and tremendous thanks to the Giver of all wonderful gifts to her. Here is another example of these love poems. It was handed to her today.
These Many Years

Many years have flown
Since our very first kiss
That fateful Friday night
When water and moonlight
Met on Sydney harbour
And I was filled with awe
As our love was born
Those many years ago

Fifty years have sown
Many memories
To colour our testimony
Of two lives becoming one
Creating our history
With Jesus, God’s Son
Within His ministry
Those many years ago

Many years have flown
Light through shadows still shone
In them both we have stood
Knowing bitter and the good
Sharing God’s providence
Believing with confidence
His promises are true
Those many years ago

Fifty years have sown
A love for you alone
You’re my joy, my crown
And this I would make known
Before our Lord I bow
There to renew my vow
To love and cherish you
Those many years to come

©Raymond N. Hawkins May 2013.


  1. How wonderful. Congratulations to you both on fifty years.

  2. Thank so much, Adam. God certainly have been so good to us.