Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Blog tour: Tangled Secrets

Ray is away a few days so couldn't resist using this photo this evening. Being married for over 48 years and celebrating the anniversary this month of our meeting the first time 50 years ago means we miss each other more and more when apart these days.

Several folk recently have told me they are waiting for my next book and asked when it will be available. Sadly, as I've shared here before and elsewhere, I am still working on the first draft. Progress so far has been slow but after doing heaps and heaps of rewriting, the ideas and paragraphs are slowly startingto flow again. Stay tuned!

And one of the ways I procrastinate when those words won't come is to read. I recently managed to finish reading the novel on the ACRBA schedule for March. And here it is:

4 - 8 March
is introducing
(Even Before Publishing Sept 2012)
Carol Preston
About the Author
Carol lives in Wollongong, NSW with her husband, Neil. As well as writing novels based on her family history, Carol has a private counselling practice and enjoys reading, gardening, spending time with her four grandchildren and bushwalking. She has pursued with great admiration the lives of her ancestors in Australia and has greatly enjoyed writing novels based on their stories and the inspiring history of the Australian people. For more information about Carol's books and her other interests she can be contacted on her website:

About the book

In tragic circumstances Beth and her brothers are left in England to grow up without their parents. When Beth's childhood dream to be reunited with her father in Australia finally eventuates she finds that dreams do not always come true.The reality she faces is a tangled web of disappointment, deceit and mistakes. Further abandonment follows. Will she ever find true love? And will she discover she doesn't have to be alone before it is too late?
Set in the early colonial days of New South Wales and based on real characters in the mid 1800s.
Revisit Charlotte and Thomas from Charlotte's Angel and Mary's Guardian, and meet new characters in this new novel by Carol Preston.
Mary's Guardian was a finalist in the fiction section of CALEB 2011.

More thoughts from Mary:
I love being able to read Christian historical books set in Australia and am delighted more are now being released. It was a delight to be able to buy this book at the Word Writers Fair in Queensland last year but unfortunately did not read it until.

Having read Charlotte's Angel and Mary's Guardian I did enjoy seeing characters again from those books and read more of their journeys over the years. Although all of the books are "Stand Alone" stories I think readers would enjoy this book that little bit more if they first read those books. Having said that, I have to say I enjoyed this book even more than the others.

This story continues showing some of the heartaches of convicts and the affect on their families over the years. It also reminds us that wrong choices to try and correct wrong mistakes should never be made.
The biggest problem I had with this story is that I thought it finished too abruptly. I immediately wanted to know "what happens next" and am happy to know the story of Philip and Beth will be continued in Carol's next book, Truly Free

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  1. Thanks for this review Mary. I do hope you enjoy Truly Free. All secrets will be revealed.