Friday, 14 December 2012

I Just Want To Write - or do I?

Okay, so today it’s eleven days to Christmas.

Do I have our Christmas tree up yet? No.
Do I have any decorations up yet? No
Do I have our annual Christmas greetings sent yet? No.
Do I have our gifts bought. YES!

I just want to write! With about three-quarters of Her Outback Cowboy (working title) written I’m now at the stage where the hero and heroine have to get busy resolving their differences. Jennifer has to come to grips with what has happened to her the last few years.
David and her father need to know the truth of her years in Texas with her mother and why, when she became an adult, she never returned even for a visit to see them and the home in the Australian outback her sixteen year old self fought so hard not to leave.

Her Outback Cowboy manuscript has been waiting for years now while I wrote the Baragula series. Now I am impatient and longing to finish it!

 So, today I simply have to get moving. Right now, Jennifer isn’t sure just where her future lies.

I know where mine is – at least the next couple of days.

Jennifer – and blog and Facebook readers – just have to wait!

Past time for me to get busy on preparations. These next days are more important than Jennifer and Dave’s story.


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