Thursday, 1 November 2012

Different Seasons And Times

Yesterday I managed to get my thoughts on “Need a Second Opinion” ready for my scheduled post for today on the International Christian Fiction Writers blog. Unfortunately on my first attempt at publishing it I had not scheduled it correctly to the agreed upon time that suits the northern hemisphere and for a brief few minutes in was on the blog site.  

My sincere apologies to Christine Lindsay for taking the place of her post for that brief time! Fortunately I’ve learnt not to trust my ability at blogging so did check and was horrified to see it already published. I did remove it as quickly as I could and now my post there is scheduled to be published instead at 2am US Pacific time which should be 9pm tonight Eastern Australian time! At least I think it is but never quite sure because of the summer daylight saving here and there and changes everywhere!

The devastating storm damage suffered by millions of Americans this week really brought home to me that as we enter our third month of spring, the northern hemisphere is in the last month of autumn and yet have already had a heavy snow storm as well as a hurricane. In Tasmania we too often get early winter conditions in the last month, May, of our autumn and I am thankful our days are now becoming warmer – even if snow was forecast this last week on the mountains in Tasmania.

Each year, this tree beside the road we often travel on to Beaconsfield a short distance from our home shows the changes of seasons.

It looked so sad when it was just bare branches until a few weeks ago so only took photos during my favourite seasons – autumn and spring. This one of pale green was taken a few days ago. Each day those  leaves will darken and in another few weeks will cover the tree in a thick canopy of green for summer over our Christmas and New Year period.

May those currently in a harsh and bare winter “season” of devastation in America soon see the brilliant colours of autumn as the “trees” prepare for the spring and promise of new beginnings.

I am just so glad that the “seasons” of my life, my “times”, are and will be forever safe in the loving hands of my Heavenly Father no matter what happens.

Oh, and the photo at the top is of a "season" we enjoyed in beautiful England back in 2005. It was a season of many rich blessings

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  1. Love this Mary. Giving thanks through every season seems to make life so much easier. Xx