Thursday, 4 October 2012

Getting back into higher “Gears”

Hard to believe it is a month since my last post here. It was an effort to write that one but I did have to share the important news of my Return to Baragula being featured first on the new Australian Christian Readers Blog alliance. Apologies to my followers and those who have viewed my blog since then.

Ever driven one of those small cars years ago you had to put the gear lever to that very lowest gear to climb up that steep mountain road? My little Hillman sedan did make it all the way from Toowoomba to Sydney back in the mid 1960s. It chugged up those steep mountains and raced down valleys in the highest gear only to face another mountain. Today’s cars and improved highways make that trip much faster now. This last month I’ve discovered that as our bodies get older they too need to be in “low gear” and it takes longer to make it up some mountains. That rotten large kidney stone which blocked the pipe caused a rotten abscess that gave me rotten blood-poisoning.

The second trip to hospital for over 24 hours got rid of the stone and stent from the last surgery but I still have to chug up some mountains in low gear again. I am very thankful that each day I am managing to do more and puff and pant less - in fact change to higher and higher gears!

Today I managed to help Ray to join Facebook. He is now a reluctant “Facebooker”, still adding to his Timeline page but is there at last!  Despite his two hour round trips to visit me each day I was in hospital and spoiling me wonderfully since I’ve been home, he has still managed to post on his blog and continue to write more devotional thoughts for more books in his 31 Day Devotional series of books.

His latest book will be officially released to shops in November in time for Christmas.

These devotional meditations will open your eyes:
The baby born with a sword.
The conquering Lord.
The wonder of Christmas.
His victory in your life.

However we do now have copies of Bethlehem’s Warrior Baby he is selling at half price, $5.00 (plus postage). Do let us know if you would like copies. And you can use PayPal - see my website (which still needs updating!). 
  We are both looking forward to sharing with other writers in Qld at the Word Writers Getaway next week. This is sponsored by Omega Writers. They have just commenced an email group for members. If you are a member do join this Yahoo group. 


  1. Good to see you still chugging along, Mary. ;)

    Looking forward to catching up next week. Yay!

  2. I'm glad planes don't usually have to "chug" from here to Brisbane! Had a smile at your comment, Amanda. I'm almost in top gear - at least so far today. Last night put my notes for the workshop on structure of novels in the plastic sleeve folder. So many other workshops scheduled I'd like to go to myself. Choices. choices!