Thursday, 9 August 2012

Romance Writers of Australia Conference 2012 – Part One

 Our annual conference is close, perhaps too close for attendees like myself who are still scrambling to be ready. Next Wednesday I catch my flight to the Gold Coast venue in my beautiful home state of Queensland.
 Having been a member of RWA here now for what seems like “forever”, I am looking forward so very much to many things I’ve enjoyed at past conferences.
These include:
Greeting again writer friends made over the many years at local groups and the annual conferences.
Meeting other members of RWA I have until now only “met” online and making new friends.
Getting to know other writers who are writing the kind of romance novels I enjoy reading the most
Sharing with writers also targeting the same inspirational romance sub-genre market I currently am.
The book-signing event Friday evening.
Meeting publishers and editors who publish romance.
As well as all the above, I am so looking forward to all the various sessions where other writers share their expertise in areas I know I am weaker in. I look forward to hopefully having at least one important “light bulb” moment over those four days to take back home with me. The challenge back home of course will be to try and put it into practice.

So, while it is very cold here, I know from experience it will be much warmer up north. Past time to think about dragging out clothes from Tassie’s summer days – which are so often the same temperature as the Gold Coast’s winter is right now.
There’s that Friday evening costume party on the theme of conference, Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend. I’ve never been quite convinced of the truth of that old statement but from past conferences I know it will be a night of real fun and some very clever costumes. 

What do I have that might at least look like diamonds and 1950’s clothes?
There’s that special Award Dinner on Saturday evening. What dress will be suitable for that?

So, I’ve some preparation to do.

I may not be able to post next Thursday as will be enjoying the Published Author’s day programme, but look out for RWA Conference Part Two coming soon – I hope! 

I couldn't resist searching out some old photos taken at conferences. Perhaps you may even recognise some of my writer acquaintances and friends?

Oh, and if you’ve never been to a writer’s conference, why not?
And what would your expectations be? Do share some here with us.

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