Friday, 27 July 2012

When Trying To Finish A Manuscript

 I am writing this very early to schedule to be published – and early on Thursday too for a change. I am going to try and go completely off-line for the week in the hopes it will give me more time to write.

The control of my life was handed over many, many years ago to the God I know beyond a shadow of doubt is the God of love and faithfulness to His word. The problem is I am the one who too often tries to take that control away from Him. I am so glad that in His love and mercy He still does over-rule.

The time has come when I cannot deny the fact I have been procrastinating, allowing too many things into my life that takes me away from finishing the current manuscript. This is the nineteenth manuscript I have written and am so thankful that only one of them to this point is still lying unpublished in the cupboard – and hopefully still saved on this computer – somewhere.

My biggest problem is I enjoy doing so many other things besides writing. Reading other writer’s books of course does head that list. The most recent one was a book by one of my very favourite writers, Linda Windsor. Unfortunately her “Healer” was VERY hard to put down. And it is only book One in her Brides of Alba series and now I have to find the other two!

I am not sure if reading comes before spending time with our precious, delightful grandchildren, except that we only have them for a very few hours each week. Then again, perhaps spending time on responding to emails, reading and writing blogs, trying not to spend too much time on places like Facebook and Goodreads takes too much time I could be reading – or spending time with our wonderful family. Er... did I just write reading – should have been WRITING!

Whatever the reasons, this week is it! How many words will I be able to write? 30,000 might finish “Her Outback Cowboy”.

I’ll let you know.

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