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CALEB Award Finalists
Ray and Mary
Ray is at the stage an author loves - receiving a cover to approve for his next book, Bethlehem's Warrior Baby. We think it is great - but more of that in days to come!

He wrote this blog post for me. He has a way with words I've always loved. I hope you are blessed as much as I have been - and am - by his devotional thoughts. There is also a quirky, fun way he looks at life, especially our world of books!
Enjoy this take from him on entering bookshops!

Screaming Books 
I open the bookshop door and the clamour begins. Do you hear it, or am I slightly (largely) off centre?  It’s as though each book on shelves and sale bins have vocal cords just waiting for customers to enter their domain.

Some scream louder into my ears than others. I’m guessing, but I imagine the same applies to you. Each of us would have different pitch levels to which our souls are attuned and pick up the vibrations of the books on our wave-length. For me it is books on background to Biblical words and history, commentaries, especially dealing with the return of Christ or about Israel. In contrast, Mary hears and responds to fiction (especially some romance novels) and biographies.

Closing eyes and wearing ear muffs doesn’t work. Books seem to have devised a way through such barriers. Should I make it past the new releases, there, waiting with many enticements is the ‘Bargain Bin’! Oh, the agony sometimes of a nearly empty wallet when ears and soul ache in longing as I scan or handle each volume.

As I stumble away from such temptation, I’m arrested by favourite authors or books written by friends. Do I have them? Do I need them? Should I support them? Each of these books whisper to my heart and sweetly cajole me to divest myself of the remaining money in my pocket.

What defences have I managed to build against such seduction and begging appeals? None really! I stay away for as long as possible or I enter their realm without money. Both fail. I can operate a credit card, an account, and pay later.

Does this weakness pass with age? Not in my case! I guess I might need a counsellor. Do you know of any good books on the subject?

PS. I’m trying to train the books I write to have a wide screaming range so that people can only silence them after being handled, purchased, wrapped and read. When you take home one of my devotionals, do let me know if such a strategy works.

Ray Hawkins —who loves the screams of books. 

Both Ray and I will be travelling from freezing Tasmania (well, it is today!) to beautiful Queensland for the Word Writers Getaway in October. 
Do check out the programme and book NOW!
Ray is a volunteer and I will be in the "editing room" as well as presenting a two hour workshop on Structure of the Novel. There are many sessions to choose from. Do let writers you know about this wonderful programme - a first for Christian writers in Australia.

Mary Hawkins - who wants you to buy, read and be blessed by OUR Screaming Books!

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