Monday, 16 April 2012


Q & A has become an Australian television program with a good rating. I must admit to not liking it. Why? Mainly due to people wanting to show their ‘Q’ and not really wanting an ‘A’ which disagrees with their view.

Over the years of my Christian ministry I’ve met many, many such people. They would glibly say that if I could answer their ‘Question’ they would either come to church, do a Bible course or some such ‘religious’ thing. When I’ve given the ‘Answer’ you could almost see their cockiness turn sour. Immediately they would try and bounce back with another ‘Q’ so as to wriggle out of their promise.

In my experience there are just a few who really want a genuine ‘A’ to their genuine ‘Q’! This covers all of society. Do evolutionists have an open mind to hear the ‘A’ to their ‘Q’ from creationists? Rarely! Do those dressed in a Christian veneer gladly receive the Bible’s refutation to their ‘Q’? Unlikely! Are people ready to forsake an indulgent, godless lifestyle to live righteously? They ‘Q’ God’s character and Word because His ‘A’ is upsetting to their choices.

In the Reader’s Digest some years ago a cartoon depicted these mindsets. A lawyer in a hospital bed was thumbing through the Bible. His visitor mate asked if he was turning religious. No, was the reply. He was simply looking for loopholes.

As my years pile up I’m less inclined to play the ‘Q and A’ game. If people really want to know about God, the Scriptures, forgiveness and eternity I’ll spend unlimited time with them. Jesus summed up those two letters when He said ‘Seek and you will Find!’ They must have a genuine ‘S’ factor from which they will work through the issues to the ‘F’ factor.

When a person has an honest intention to seek the Lord, the Bible promises he or she will not only find, but be found by God. Jeremiah 29:13 God tells us, ‘You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.’

It is when you persevere with the ‘S’ factor, you ‘F’ a new attitude takes over. Then when we have a ‘Q’, I pray we will be humble enough to accept the ‘A’.

Ray (‘Found’ because he ‘Sought’) Hawkins

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