Friday, 30 March 2012

Writers too busy to write-or just procrastinating?

I envy my husband who seems to be able to write his posts for Ray on Monday so on time and so faithfully. He usually also seems to take a fraction of the time it takes me to share with you each week. Now, is that because he writes non-fiction and I write fiction? I would be so interested to know what other fiction writers think about this.

I wrote articles as well as short stories for years before I even thought about attempting a novel. Those articles were never easy to write and now I find it harder to write a short story than several chapters of my novels! I really love getting "into the head" of characters in my books. However that only happens the way I love when I've spent time getting to know them inside and out as my Creator is the only One who knows me. When I do "know" them there are those wonderful, too few moments, when writing a scene that they say or respond to situations in ways I have not planned. There have even been times when I've re-read sections and scenes written like that and think, "Did I really write that?"

Sigh. Now if only that would happen a lot more!
Sigh. If only I had the ideas to write like this post that seems to be flowing tonight - even if at least twenty-four hours late.

Perhaps my whinging is why it is "flowing"? If that is the case, I think it is long past time I stopped boring you and went to bed instead.

Oh, an excuse why this is late? Why, Ray and I with our daughter visiting from Melbourne went with our son and his four children to see the Lorax movie last night. A great fun time and we enjoyed the movie very much - but I did become rather car-sick on those bends between here and Devonport! 

Another sigh? I'm outa here!

Hoping you are not the same!


  1. Sometimes I think it's a personality trait. Me, I'm task oriented and structured. I love routine. When there's something to be done, it gets done, no interruptions!
    Others, like my husband, are people oriented, so tasks are often interrupted by social needs. He is more spontaneous and does things when he feels like it, in whichever order he feels like. So different.
    But we all get there in the end. :)

  2. Amanda, thank you for the comment. I too am too easily distracted and then when my routine is interrupted I find it so hard to get back into doing what I should do!