Thursday, 2 February 2012


I know I seem to too often mention how busy life is here for me in our relatively quiet little village in Tasmania. Well, perhaps I do need to say that very important word, “No” far more often. I thought today I would share some of the things I have been involved in recently that is keeping me busy–perhaps at times too busy!

Published authors involved in writers’ groups may receive manuscripts from other writers to read and comment on. I have certainly had several of those over the years and, while I do very much enjoy trying to help unpublished writers in this way, it has the danger of taking too much time away from my own writing.
And so, what do I do? I lead with my chin and agree to being the presenter/leader of an elective for fiction writers at the Fusion Faith And The Arts week long event. This was held at Fusion’s village of Poatina in January. A beautiful place and do click HERE to check this unusual village out.

While I did come home weary, it was a very exciting and worth while time of fellowship and input into other writer’s efforts as well as getting to know other great folk involved in various other artistic works. This is an annual event and click HERE to find out more about FATA. It was a real privilege to be involved this year.

With Valerie Parv at
RWA National Conference
 Then I came home and straight back into being involved in planning and organising another exciting event. Romance Writers of Australia had contacted their members in Tasmania last year to see if we would consider having a RWA Roadshow here this year. These day seminars have been held successfully in places like Perth, Adelaide and North Queensland to try and give writers a “taste” of our annual National Conferences. However, these are only held in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and too many other areas miss out. Since these annual conferences commenced way back in 1991 I have only missed a few. Let me assure you, that while I am looking forward so very much to this one day here in Tasmania, I know it can only be a teaser for the wonderful RWA four day conferences held each year.
I couldn’t go to Melbourne last year and am especially looking forward to this special, yummy “Taster!”

And here is the first announcement, the Teaser for the Taster!

Tasmanian RWA Roadshow
When: Saturday 19th
Where: LINC Tasmania – 8 High Street, Launceston
Time: 9.00am – 5.30pm (with optional dinner afterwards)
Cost: Members $55 (GST incl.) Non-members $66 (GST incl.) – includes lunch
More information about our special guest speakers from Victoria, their exciting elective workshops as well as registration will be available very soon at:

Oh, and before I finish this post, I have to also mention my involvement in the Tasmanian Baptist Womens' Ministry committee. Our Conference Day happens on Saturday March 24th . Our theme this year is Where is God in Your Life? Is it obvious to you right now too that I sure need Him with me every moment?
I always enjoy these times of Tassie BWM fellowship. A really great day has been planned this year with a special speaker, Jan Adams, and others doing very important and interesting electives like:- 
Where is God in tough economic times? byAnthony Plisek.
Anthony is Senior Financial Counselor at Anglicare Hobart.
Registration Forms will be available this weekend .

So, once again I’ve lead with that softening chin of mine and am presenting the Bible Study elective, Where Is God In Your Day. And now I’m off to start preparing it! Perhaps God will again try to tell me what to say "No" to and hopefully I'll be listening!


And until then I might even be able to write more of my Her Outback Cowboy manuscript? Another perhaps?

Oops! For a moment forgot about the Society Women Writers Tasmania meeting next Monday – and helping to organise their Short Story Contest!


  1. Wow you are so busy I don't know how you do it? I feel so lazy compared to you.. Love Crystal

  2. Gosh Mary! Where do you find the time and energy? Keep up the great work :)

    God Bless,

  3. If only I lived in Tasmania!
    How wonderful these sessions will be.xx

  4. Michelle, would be great to have you here in Tassie. I do know that fol from other states in Australia have indicated they are interested in travelling here for the RWA Roadshow. The information should be up on the Romance Writers of Australia this coming week.

  5. Want to know the secret Crystal and Juanita? Well, you really would have to come and see our badly neglected garden and the house-work...
    Well, I am just so thankful for Ray who so often washes the dishes,grabs a broom or vacuum cleaner, helps hang clothes on the line - and take them in when I get carried away on the computer! He also does heaps of shopping but does like the "specials" - even when we could really do without some! LOL.
    I am indeed very blessed and know I could never have had the books published I have and now try to keep up with this crazy schedule.