Monday, 23 January 2012

Ray on Monday - Anyone Tuned In?

Place…Down the backyard.

Lord, I’m deflated!

I came home from my community radio broadcasting shift all excited. It was my first go and my ego was all pumped up. Family and friends knew about it and were going to listen in. At least someone would be tuned in to hear my first attempts at being an announcer.

My wife saw me when I walked in the door all excited. Blank looks immediately warned me something I wasn’t expecting was about to burst on me. “What! Don’t tell me you’ve been on air already. Oh dear, the time just got away on me and I haven’t turned the radio on. We’re so sorry.” I tried to smile and brush it off, but it did hurt.

Others I phoned to get their reports had similar excuses. Some were out of range. That’s fair enough. Others said they couldn’t hear it real well as something was causing interference. Was I just talking to the air? Was anyone turned on and tuned in?

Lord, I know you don’t get deflated. You must surely get disappointed though with your people from time to time. How many folk are tuned in to you, or even switched onto your frequency? Across the centuries your word has been on the ‘airwaves’. How have you managed to get men and women to listen? I guess that’s one of the miracles of grace woven into individual circumstances.

Makes me think about the way you grabbed my ‘ear’. Those broadcasts of grace that were beamed across my being through the years didn’t leave any impression. I wasn’t interested in you even though I was using your facilities and people. How well I recall the incident that made me take seriously my need for you. Heartbreak isn’t fun. It did however cause me to search the spiritual airwaves. I’m so grateful that you were still on the air. Looking back now I know what you were saying came through loud and clear. I’m glad, so glad, that I didn’t miss that broadcast. I wish I’d been switched on and tuned into you much sooner. Would have saved me and others a lot of wounds and tears.

Since that day I’ve had battles with lifestyle matters and priorities that create all sorts of interference to hearing your word. One thing that’s a comfort however is that I’m never out of range of your broadcasts. When I’ve put things right in my life according to your teachings it’s amazing how clear your word comes through again.

Don’t let my pity party cause a hearing problem between us today Lord. I’ll pray and believe there’s someone out there who was tuned in and what I’ve said and played has been a blessing to him or her.

I do trust you are blessed - perhaps even challenged - by Ray's devotional thoughts each Monday.
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