Monday, 5 December 2011

Ray on Monday - The Battle Cry of Christmas

Northampton England 2002

Christmas isn’t for the faint hearted. It isn’t about presents or carols or hot roast dinners. Christmas is the moment Heaven invaded earth to reclaim what the powers of Darkness had usurped. The Bible is clear that the coming of Christ heralded the final phase in God’s plan of redemption for men, women and the whole of creation.

The following poem highlights what the Angels' message conveyed.

The Battle Cry of Christmas.

The clarion call of Heaven
Was the battle cry of angels
Piercing the darkness
Of the night
And the soul!
Demons cowered.
Shepherds, dismayed
In the promised One!

Glory to God in the Highest
Is the marshalling call
For all who honour Him
To enlist
In the task!
Planned by Grace
Enslaved sinners
In the promised One!

Peace on earth to men
And women of good will
Angels proclaim
With delight!
Mercy offered
To fallen world
In the promised One!

The clarion call of Heaven
The angels' battle cry
Echoes across time
Satan’s hold
Over people!
Salvation now
In the promised One!

His name is Jesus.
He is the promised one!

Ray (I enlisted) Hawkins
© Ray Hawkins 2011


  1. Fabulous poem Ray. Thank you Mary for making us think about the magnificence of this moment, and what the birth of Jesus -as a human - ushered in.

  2. Thanks Asta, Christmas can be a wonderful time when seen through the eyes of faith. I am always encouraged by folk such as yourself taking time to read and comment. Have a great Christmas under the smile of our Lord.

    Ray Hawkins