Monday, 28 November 2011

Ray on Monday - Here's To The Star!

We're baaaack!
My apologies for neglecting you all for so long. Ray and I have had over a couple of weeks away. And no, not really a holiday, a working holiday at The Word Writers Fair in Qld, two book-signings, book display at a couple of churches, including one where Ray was the guest preacher. But more of that on my post later this week. Stay tuned!

It is only a few weeks now to Christmas and Ray's thoughts have turned towards that wonderful event even sooner than mine have -so far anyway!

               Here's to The Star!

This was no mere twinkling star. Nor was it a falling star to wish upon. It was a new star to capture the attention of the astrologers in Babylon. The Star we recall at Christmas time was described by the Magi as ‘His Star.’ Who was He to them? How did they know about Him and why were they watching the heavens for a star sign?

The account in Matthew Chapter Two about the wise men’s visit to Judea is expressive in its simplicity and mysterious in its brevity. They saw the star in the East, knew it was about the promised Jewish Messiah and took off for Jerusalem where all that nation’s kings resided. God is the God of the unexpected and yet is faithful to His promise. In this matter the one born to be king was in Bethlehem–as Micah 5 declared. When the Magi left Herod it was night for we are told the Star glowed over Bethlehem, a few miles south east.

Back to the questions: How did they know this was His star? I believe the answer is in the book of Daniel. This man was among the deportees from Jerusalem to Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar. At fourteen, he with some others was chosen to undergo training in the art of Babylonian astronomy/astrology. For the next 80 years Daniel lived in that scene under two different regimes.

Daniel was a faithful servant of God. He knew the Scriptures. It is conceivable that in his position of authority he was able to share the Biblical testimony that in the future God would send the Messiah. There are many references to this promised One but not a date. Being astronomers and astrologers, they would be seeking what the scripture talks about as signs in the Heavens. When it happened hundreds of years after Daniel their expectation was realised.

We hear a lot about “following your dream.” The better aspect is to follow the promise of Scripture as did the Magi. It was a long and challenging journey but at the end they found Jesus, the promised One. He is the Star’s fulfilment. He is the ‘Star’ of Scripture. He is the One who completes the meaning of Christmas.

Ray (the star gazer) Hawkins.

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