Monday, 14 November 2011

Ray on Monday - The Dead Who Speak

By (our) faith) he (Abel) still speaks, even though he is dead. Hebrews 11:4.

I have never heard his voice. In fact there isn’t any record in Scripture as to anything he said. However the writer to the Hebrews says ‘he still speaks’. The record about him preserved in the Bible concerns his faith and obedience even unto death (Genesis 4). The record has some message for us to search out.

Picking up a book by C.S. Lewis brought the subject matter to my mind for this Blog. He has been dead for a number of years yet his life and words live on. Such is the power of the printed page. Of course there are numerous examples of those long gone to Glory who still speak to our heart and mind. They still challenge us from the record of their life. Somehow when we read even long neglected works devoted to Christ Jesus, the Holy Spirit breathes life into dormant words.

This is possibly one reason I keep writing, especially about the person, work of the Lord and His faithfulness tasted in my life. One day there will be no more words flowing from my mind through fingers onto a computer for printing. However scattered through bookshops, magazines, correspondence, internet and post-cards are words, words of faith, hope and gratitude for love.

Thankful I am that our gracious God doesn’t limit Himself to the greats such as C.S. Lewis and C.H. Spurgeon. The Lord takes the simple, plain unknown person who writes something honouring to Him and speaks to all classes of people. Who can tell, if the Lord Jesus delays His return, someone will stumble across a dusty book or magazine, brush away any cobwebs and be captured by the Holy Spirit through some word, sentence, testimony I have, you have written.

There are many reasons to write, for me one compelling reason is wrapt up in the account of Abel. He never knew the result of the account of his life, no will be. I do pray however that there will be at least a brief note saying something similar too ‘he/she being dead still speaks today!’

Ray (still breathing) Hawkins.


  1. Hello Mary, I had never thought of our words continuing on after we are dead...but they do don't they. This has made me think, thank you.
    I hope you are well. Hubby and I went to Hobart where he played golf for three days. We went to see Port Arthur, what a sad place. We loved Tassie, such wonderful history everywhere. I go into hospital again on wednesday 16th. Hope to be very well by Christmas, God willing.
    Much love Crystal

  2. Thanks for your comments, Crystal. I'm using my brother's computer in Qld to check the blog so we are a long way from each other now!
    I trust by now all is well with you and your hospital adventure. Do keep in touch. God bless.