Thursday, 13 October 2011


Our darling daughter-in-law is expecting. Yes, that’s right, a baby! And actually due today.

Ray and I are still expecting the phone call to stay with our other five gorgeous grandchildren while she and our son make the dash about 50 minutes to the hospital.

It seems so long ago since I was expecting the arrival of that son of ours. He actually surprised us by arriving four weeks early. But today has made me think about all the things we end up “expecting” over a lifetime – and perhaps some things that happen we do not “expect.” One of those of course is the delight of being able to expect this sixth beautiful grand-baby.

Life is full of expectancy and life isn’t always smooth travelling. We plant seeds in the ground and expect seedlings to peep up through the soil. Afraid that is something this gardener knows now she can never take for granted cause she doesn’t always look after that patch of ground well enough! We expect, perhaps take for granted many things that may not eventuate - whether that be because it is our fault or despite all we may do.

Writers live with expectancy. We write our manuscripts, we rewrite them – sometimes many times. We edit them. We submit them to editors with great expectancy. Sadly that is dashed if the rejections start arriving. I experienced this thirteen times with that first book of mine. I have to confess after the first few my “expectancy” level became lower and lower as reality told me this was even much tougher than I had thought it would be.

We are told there are only two certainties in life. We are born and then we die. There is one other certainty I must always remember. God loves me. Through all the times in our journey when hopes may be dashed, when the things we “expect” do not happen as we may want them to, we have the proof of His love for all time: God’s great plan to defeat death, to bring life eternal to those who respond positively to His love. “God so loved the world that He gave His only Son so that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

This life’s journey may be rough, filled with failed hopes, sorrow. Then I look at the cross, the triumph of the empty tomb. I see the history down through the ages how God, because of His very nature, has kept His promises. He never changes and I know I can trust Him to give life everlasting to those who believe, who accept His gift of forgiveness, who become His children – all because of what Jesus has done for us.

And now I have writers at The Word Writers Fair expecting to be encouraged and helped on the Friday Intensive and my Saturday workshop in (gulp) four weeks time! Time to do more preparation - the watering, the praying, the fight against time (instead of slugs and snails in my seedling box?)


  1. You will do a great job at the Writers Fair Mary. I don't know how you keep on going. Wonderful news at baby number six on the way. Your son and daughter-in-law are so blessed to have you..
    Currently on my Blog I am supporting facial surgery for a young cambodian boy. i hope you have the time to pop in and see him.
    Much love Crystal

  2. Looking forward to catching up in Brissy, Mary! Congratulations on your new grandchild, whenever he/she appears. :)

  3. Mary, thank you for your encouragement through your blog. Thirteen times of rejection, and yet you didn't give up. That is inspiring in itself.
    You will be wonderful in Brisbane for sure.
    All the best with your newest grandbaby. How exciting.