Monday, 5 September 2011

RAY ON MONDAY: A Grandchild's Words

Sunday 4th September was set aside as ‘Father’s Day.’ To be a father is a wonderful privilege. To be a grandfather is more than a privilege, it is an honour. Sometimes it is tiring as youth stretches the aging process to its limits. Still, what an awesome delight it is to be a positive influence, both relational and spiritual, emotional and intellectual in the life of a child, especially a grandchild. It was partly this awareness which motivated me to write ‘Children: God’s special Interest’ (in Christian Bookshops now). It was one of my grandsons who was instrumental in my writing the following simple poem about sharing yourself with a pre-school child.
A Grandchild’s Sweetest Words.

Read me a story grand-dad
Read me a story.
I can say my A B C
And count, one, two, three.
But, read me a story
Please grand-dad
Read me a story.

Help me with my shoes grand-dad,
Help me with my shoes.
I can find my socks
And eat all my porridge.
But, help me with my shoes
Please grand-dad,
Help me with my shoes.

Come and play a game with me grand-dad
Come and play right now.
I wont be naughty
Or get clothes dirty.
But, come and play with me
Please grand-dad,
Come and play with me.

It’s time to go home grand-dad
It’s time to go home.
Mummy has my tea ready
And daddy’s here too.
Thank you grand-dad
For being here today.
I love you grand-dad
I really love you.

©Raymond N. Hawkins August 2005.


  1. Love it! Great poem Ray! :)

  2. And since Ray wrote that poem back in 2005, he has had more practice reading and playing with three more grandchildren. And they simply adore him!