Monday, 8 August 2011

Ray on Monday: Time Tables

Waiting for the bus or train can sometimes be a testing time. The time table says one thing but your clock says it is way past the expected arrival time. Any number of factors can contribute to delays, but they do annoy.

In Galatians 4:4 we are told when Christ Jesus entered into this world it was right on time. That is one of the things about God’s scheduling of events. Try as hard as they can, no outside forces can delay it.

Through the history of the World God in His foreknowledge used it to achieve His purposes. The Greek empire had given its language. The Romans gave good roads, safe sea travel and comparative peace. The scattered nation of Israel set up synagogues which made people aware of God’s messages and promises. All this was used by the Lord to get the Gospel known so people could hear and believe.

What were some of the reasons for Christ’s coming? In Galatians 4:4-7 we are told of two. One of them is to redeem. That is to pay a price (His life) to rescue believers from slavery to Sin and the evil influences of the World. The other factor was to present believers with an inheritance. What is that? Participating in what Jesus Christ has secured by His death and resurrection. This includes eternal life and every spiritual blessing in time and eternity. On top of all that we have the privilege of calling God, “our Father.”

We do not know the next schedule of God although some have tried to guess it. Only He knows when He will call us to Himself. His second coming hasn’t been declared, only promised. We just have to be ready! For it will happen right on time!

Ray in waiting.

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