Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Special Days

I won’t mention how many years ago today I was able to tell my husband, “Gaylene has arrived!” After two baby boys, this was extra special to have our daughter.

So today is that beautiful woman’s birthday – and she may be just a little cross with her mother for putting this on her blog! She teaches other mother’s children now, and from the way she speaks about “her kids” has a very loving heart towards them all – even the “naughty” ones in her classes.

As I came to write this blog today, although separated by distance, she is very much in my thoughts, heart and prayers right now. Memories abound. The day she won first prize in the toddler section at a Baby Show. As proud as I was of her, that day I decided I hated Baby shows. Every baby in that crowded hall was really beautiful in his or her way and every mother there was convinced HER little one should have won!
Then there are some funny little sayings from those early before school age days. One springs to mind and still makes me smile. Her brother had been in trouble and sent from the room to his bedroom. Her calm, matter of fact little voice said, “He likes his fwiends, he just doesn’t like muvvers.”
Her first day at school. The first time at a cousin’s special birthday party when I looked across that room and suddenly saw our little girl in high heels, a beautiful dress and realised she was on the verge of becoming the lovely woman – inside and out – that she is today.

Special Days always bring back memories. We celebrate many of them over our lifetimes. Of course there are Days like Christmas, Easter, ANZAC and Remembrance Days we share with millions of others around the world, but we also have our own Family Days. These of course include birthdays, anniversaries, even very personal ones we may not always feel the need to share with anyone else. One such that springs to my mind is way back when I was sixteen and I had travelled for nearly three hours with my Dad in the car back to his appointment with his cancer surgeon. It is not a time I want to dwell on, especially those tears I shed only witnessed by a kind nurse and my loving Heavenly Father after I was able to leave the hospital room Dad was admitted into for those last few weeks of his life. Somehow, I remember that time more vividly than his funeral.

So not all Special Days are necessarily ones we want to remember. Some bring back memories of pain, tears, decisions we made we wish had not. They are not days to celebrate, to dwell on. We may still need to deal with the memory, commit what is in the past to the God who “demonstrates His love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ (His only Son) died for us.” (Roman 5:8) I am just very, very glad that one tremendous Day, as we have responded to that love of God, we will have all tears wiped away as we see Jesus face to face.

But until then...
Let’s enjoy Special Happy Days like my beautiful daughter’s Special Day! Last year she celebrated a “special” birthday milestone at Disneyworld in California. Mmm...I wonder what you do today – besides teach those children of course.
Happy Birthday Darling Gaylene! We are very proud of you and thrilled that you are so committed to the God who loves you!

And I do hope after this blog you still love your "Muvver"!

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  1. Hmmm, did I really write Disneyworld? Must have been thinking of a certain Seahorse World in Tasmania! I apologise to all lovers of DISNEYLAND - especially you Gaylene - and Penny too of course.