Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Book Birthing Process

I have been living through too many of those days that all published authors seem to go through when things just seem to snowball. Despite working each day as long as I can sit, my eyes take the computer screen, the brains keeps working - well, almost clearly at least - I am still feeling swamped this week. As I'm getting older I find burning that 'midnight oil' is less and less appealing - even for a night owl who is not a morning person like my darling husband.
As has happened so many, many times over many, many years, Ray has been cooking more meals, washing more dishes, hanging clothes on the line, shopping more often and now, once again, he has helped by writing a post, for my blog this week!
Besides sharing the house work, Ray too has had a busy and exciting week - er... make that weeks! But I'll let him tell you a little of what he is feeling today!

Over to Ray:- 
It’s done! It’s gone! My writing is being taken from submission to publication. How do I feel some may ask? At this moment I don’t feel too much. Why? I’m too tired, exhausted, drained. I’d rather dig a ditch than write. It is much easier! Still, there is the satisfaction of having the job completed. Then again - is it?

Up until now I’ve wrestled with words, punctuation and application. Then it needed to be refined by editors, including Mary, and shaped by my publisher Even Before Publishing under the care of Rochelle Manners.

Now it is going to the printer. Can I relax? No! I wait in anticipation for the finished work. What then? Anxiety - in a mild Christian form of course! Will it be accepted by readers? Faced by so many other books on a shelf silently screaming ‘Buy me. Buy me’, will people hear the cry of my devotionals? That means I have to help people hear my book’s silent appeal and show people the worth hidden, waiting for their eyes to see, their soul devour food for the spirit, wealth for the mind.

So, how do I feel? Pleased it is done yet a little on edge until people such as you consider it, buy it, read it, take it to heart if you like it and if not share with me how to improve. Who ever said writing for publication is fun must never have written more than letters or notes in gift cards.

Writing is fulfilling yet hard work. It is satisfying to the heart even if not profitable to the pocket. It is a calling to say something to bless, to challenge and, from my perspective, to honour the Lord even if what is written isn’t a best-seller.

The book covers are on the right column here. I do hope you have seen them before. The blurb on the back cover of  Children: God’s Special Interest  says:
Ray Hawkins has a heart for children. In these devotions and studies he uses scripture and ideas to help us focus and meditate on God’s heart for children.
Designed for parents, teachers, grandparents and anyone who has the pleasure of being around children.
31 Biblical Devotions to:
Rediscover God’s Word about children. 
Meditate on God’s Heart for Children
Refresh your heart with God’s love for Children.
Rekndle passion to be their example for Christ's honour

This will be the first book released in May. Book launches are being organised for Melbourne and Launceston - but watch this space for details of them.
Although the publisher let me know a couple of days ago the books have both gone to the printer, delivery of course with not be for a few more weeks.
They will be available from good bookshops!  BUT! You can pre-order your signed copies now of course if you email me on
 This birthing of books is rather scary for writers. Do leave a comment to let me know what you think.


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  2. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I ask my dear husband to write posts for me from time to time. We are looking forward very much to his two book "births" in another few weeks.

  3. I had the pleasure of appraising Ray's manuscripts for Rochelle. I learnt so much and am really glad that they have been published :)