Friday, 21 January 2011

Proud to be an Australian

But it’s raining again!
What a dreadful few weeks for Australia. Every state has experienced flooding to some degree and once more rain is sweeping across large parts of the country. Flood waters have already returned in some places and many other areas are anxiously waiting, hoping and praying their areas will not suffer again. Brisbane has been holding its breath as King tides also flow up the river.

The news about an area at least the size of Germany and France combined being flooded in Queensland has spread around the world’s media. Even our army is out there helping in the search for victims in one area and with the massive clean-up. Tens of thousands of the 2.2 million population of the capital, Brisbane, have been affected. Thousands of properties are ruined. In some areas the waters have not receded enough to start the cleaning up process and perhaps they may even be more fortunate than those who have. As the weather warnings come, many of those who have been able to start cleaning up will be now anxiously watching water creeping closer once more.

Perhaps the severe floods in New South Wales and Victoria have not been broadcast as much. A quarter of Victoria is already flooded and still the news of more areas come as the waters rush downstream. This is a “once in 200 years flood” in some places there. Water is pouring in from many small and large creeks and rivers from three states into the great Murray River that empties into the Southern Ocean. Oh, my mistake – all the waters from Queensland and northern NSW may takes weeks to arrive! My own island state, Tasmania, has also suffered in several areas to the west of us.

And so the saga continues. Stories abound of near death misses, of many heroes and heroines, but also of the stupidity of some who ignore warnings and risk not only their own lives but those of their rescuers. The saddest stories of course are those of love ones swept away, and the news that some bodies may never be found.

So much need, so much desire to help. But where and how can I personally help? Fund raising efforts are springing up throughout Australia. Which one should I support? That is the question now in many hearts. Of course we can pray, but we must also be there for those who have lost so much.

And so, here in our safe little cottage I type away, so thankful my family and friends are safe. My housework still needs doing. My garden badly needs attention. And this desk. . .! I doubt I will ever catch up on all that still needs to be done here. All I can do is take one hour, one day at a time and ask God what HIS priorities are for me right now in all that crowds into my days. May many bewildered, heart-broken Australians see God’s hand at work in their lives in these tough times.

And as both blessings and burdens rain upon me now and in the future, I am no different from many, many Australians in the flooded parts of this beloved country of mine. We cry, we pray, and we laugh, we pray. Or at least my heart’s desire is that as a nation we will turn to God not only during tough times like this, but each day, each hour as both burdens and blessings arrive.
How are the rains and rainbows in your life right now?

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  1. Hello Mary dear, Thank God the rain has stopped!! I woke up drenched one morning with it coming in the open window, the wind must have changed..It was a surprise. We live on a hill in Gympie so were blessed not to be effected by flood water. Not so the town, it went underwater. Well, its all over now and cleaning up almost there. Some roads received bad damage. Keep well and safe. Love Crystal