Thursday, 6 January 2011

Journey into new experiences

So, this was Christmas. This year we "down-sized" our Christmas tree, but I did go just a teeny over-board with the cake!
Our New Year came in quietly. And no, as splendid as they may have been, we did not watch the Sydney firework celebrations for a couple of reasons. With the state of the economy, to see the millions of dollars going up in smoke just didn't seem right to us, and besides, we do appreciate more sleep these days!

So now we are looking toward another year with all its love, with all its new adventures. Our youngest grandson gave his parents a Christmas present - he took his first steps that day!
And now this new year, Adam is toddling off to explore his world. First to see those flowers.... then out to the road... but then it may take a grandad and a brother to see you safely home.

And what about our year to come? I started taking down our christmas decorations yesterday - after helping mind five gorgeous grandchildren for a few hours. Adam wore himself out and had a long sleep!

Recently on the American Christian Fiction Writers e-loop, mention was made of favourite verses that have meant much to us over the years. On my desk I had this plaque and small, rather battered little New Testament. It was presented to me many, many years ago in Toowoomba after I committed my life to Christ.
Inside this little book, our minister, Mr Eric Hart wrote out Philippians 1:6 "Confident of this very thing that He which hath begun a good work in you will continue it until the day of Jesus Christ."

I trust you can read the other verse on the plaque from 1 Corinthians 10:31. These verses always remind me of who I am in Christ, that God loves me, of the hope I have for an eternity with Him. The truth of these words have sustained me and challenged me through all my years of nursing, being a mother, a minister's wife and now a mother and a grandmother - and a writer too of course.  Whatever I do this coming year, wherever I may go, may it ever be to the glory of God and may this continue to be accomplished in and through me by HIS strength and grace in this new year of new experiences!


  1. If you can't read the words on the plaque, just double click on the photo!

  2. Looking forward to Glory, and the absolute assurance of an eternity face to face with Jesus never fails to put spark in my life and a spring in my step. It also motivates me to want to serve others and share the Gospel with those who don't know Him personally. Naomi R

  3. So true, Naomi! I do pray you have a great year and thank you for commenting. It is always encouraging to know someone has not only been reading but being challenged, helped or blessed by my (our) posts.