Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Meditation moment

These last few days have been filled with helping our son and daughter-in-law. They own Seahorse Australia and have been so busy Ray has been helping at the seahorse farm while I have been helping with our grandchildren. Okay, so that's my excuse for once again having to postpone Part Two of the ACFW conference in Denver. However it also is an opportunity to share the first of these "Moments" from Ray.
Let the Lord speak to you as you dwell a few moments here with us.

                                            MY SPECIAL GARDEN

                                 Come my child,
                                        come to my garden,
                                              meet me there,
                                                    know me there,
                                                         hear me there.
                                You my child,
                                      may not see me
                                              with your eyes,
                                                    or hear me
                                                         with your ears,

             I will listen to you.
             I will understand.
             Let my creation
             perfume your mind,
             helping you
             to know you’re precious
             to me.

             I will comfort you.
             I will sympathise.
             Let my soft breeze
             refresh your soul,
             helping you
             to know you’re special
             to me.
             I will speak.
             I have words to share
             Let my scriptures
             safeguard your heart,
             guiding you
             to know you’re beautiful
             to me.

                                 Come my child,
                                       come to my garden
                                            I wait for you
                                                  to share
                                                      some time together.     
                                                                                            ©Raymond N. Hawkins

There's a vacant chair, a place for us to share fellowship with Him - our Creator, the One who loves us beyond our comprehension. I too need to enter HIS garden at every opportunity to 'share some time together.' Will you join us and listen to His Word?


  1. i really love Ray's meditations, they are so peaceful and grounded - bringing nature, the word and God's presence together! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for your encouragement, Anya. We will try and have one of his Meditation Moments up in the middle of each week.