Friday, 11 June 2010

Finding enough time.

Feeling under pressure? So much to do, so little time to do it all in?
I’m sure there are many times we all experience these kind of days – or dare I say weeks, months or even years.

Thankfully, I did meet my last deadline yesterday of finishing judging and getting my scores and comments back to that contest co-ordinator. The pressure to do so has not been pleasant but I had to put everything else aside to be able to try my best to make relevant and helpful comments for those unpublished writers. Now I just have to give priority to catching up on other things waiting to be done!

Mmm. . .now, what is next on my “urgent” list?
Well, I’m sure the dirty dishes in the sink can wait a bit longer! I’ve just finished checking email that arrived overnight and answered a couple of posts from overseas friends before they head for their beds in the northern hemisphere but others will have to wait.This desk – in fact the whole office is in a real mess. There are “bits” everywhere. So that is important because if I don’t sort it out soon I’m sure there will be important things I will have forgotten to do!

Yesterday, the sun began shining after several wet and bleak winter days so I decided I just had to do some more weeding on my poor neglected garden. The roses needed pruning but the high weeds around them also had to be dealt with. Didn’t finish that pruning so that is becoming more urgent.

And next? Ah yes, finishing this blog post as I am hoping to post three times a week and today is one of them. But. . .that sun is shining again, the wind has dropped and those roses are calling!

And will those gorgeous grandchildren on this holiday weekend be visiting soon? (And seeing World Soccer in South Africa starts today just had to show some of them in their own soccer uniforms!)

Mmm. . .time to sort out my priority list again. Afraid my writing has to come second – or is it fourth today?

So, how do YOU deal with “so much to do and not enough hours to do them in” scenarios?
And me? I’m just going to tidy this desk and perhaps the sun will still be shining afterwards!


  1. Bless you Mary, for your sacrifice of time! I'm sure those writers will learn so much from your feedback. In my short time around other writers I have discovered they display a deeper generosity than I ever imagined. And that is one of the best lessons ever. :)

  2. Dorothy, I think judging has taught me a great deal about my own writing over the years. Perhaps it is the case that I see with fresh eyes what doesn't "work" and especially what jars me out of the story? So all in all, it is a big part of my own learning process - which I should add never ceases! My biggest problem is trying to analyse just what is "wrong" and offer helpful suggestions to make it work. I really do sweat - and pray - over those!