Thursday, 20 May 2010


So, here I am at long last venturing into this blogging world!

I am discovering starting my own blog is rather daunting and I have been trying to decide just what to write about – especially for this very first post because I would like you to enjoy these enough to return again and again. But what would you like to come back and read?

Perhaps you are someone who has read at least one of my medical and inspirational romance novels over the years since 1993, someone I have had contact with through writers’ groups, writers’ conferences in Australia, England, Chicago in 1999 and Denver last September. Perhaps you are someone who, while not really interested in reading my romance novels have known me over the years of my husband and I ministering in churches throughout Australia – even those two years we spent in England. Perhaps you knew me as Mary Pedler - or even Nurse or Sister Pedler from nursing days - long before I went to Bible College in Sydney and met my own romance hero and married him. Perhaps you are a family member of the Pedler and Hawkins clans scattered throughout Australia – yes, and even across the seas. Perhaps I’ve simply ‘met’ you through reading your books.

Perhaps we have only met on the internet. In Denver last year at the wonderful American Christian Fiction conference I will never forget the beaming smiles and hugs of writers I had only met before through their books and the world-wide web of the internet.

If this is the very first time we have met – here in Blogging World – here is a cyber handshake – even a hug - along with the traditional ‘G’day, mate’ from an Australian!

One thing I do know you will enjoy here from time to time – guest bloggers!

These will include writers from different genres and with just a tweeny-weeny arm twisting my husband Ray is to be a regular guest with his Meditation Moments. You can check out some samples of his writing if you click on Ray Writes and I am relying on him to write some thoughts for us to chew on, consider, disagree with even but hopefully most of all be blessed as we have a peep into his heart at least once a week. We have been married for over forty-five years so I know that heart will bless you as he has me!

Then of course there are writer friends, Australians and other published authors from around the world I look forward to have share with us. Anyone you would like to know more about? Dare I say there will be contests from time to time for books, other goodies – even perhaps some Australiana you might enjoy.

I am considering posting blogs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday? Inevitably there will be personal snippets about my own writing and activities scattered over the week but do feel free to offer your suggestions!
 So, the Learner needs your help! Do leave a comment and tell me what you would like to read the most in this Aussie writer’s blog. I would also love you to join me as a Follower so you receive a notice each time I post a blog. Remember I am planning to post a blog three times a week but I will leave this first post up well into next week to give time for the word to get out that Mary has at last started her own blog!

Do leave a comment, do become a follower and do return next Friday!


  1. Hi Mary,
    I'm open to reading anything in the blogging world - from writing-related discussions to hearing about events and activities in your private life. I'll look forward to popping in on you from time to time!

  2. Hi Mary! I'm excited to be your first 'follower'. Welcome the the blog machine. I look forward to reading your posts each week.
    Dorothy - another Aussie writer :)

  3. Thank you so much, Jessica and Dorothy. It is rather a nervous wait to hear from folk!

    Do you realise it is now over 10 years since we met in Chicago, Jessica? How excited this Aussie was and thankful you were kind enough to show us how to get enough hot water in the coffee thingie in the hotel room to make a cup of tea. Are you still laughing at those ignorant Aussies ysed to an electric jug instead? As always, I loved reading your last medical romance!

    And Dorothy, thank you so much for being my very first Follower! When I get myself organised I will have a little surprise for.
    God bless you both!

  4. I love reading about the different places people live with photos and interesting stories from their lives and world. Looking forward to reading what you have to say!

  5. Thank you, Lisa! I'll certainly try to have some Aussie photos from time to time.

  6. Oh dear - and one thing I should be more careful with: editing my comments! I have been having trouble with this keyboard. Aside from hitting two keys at once or th 'y' instead of the 'u' beside it, sometimes I simply don't seem to hit the keys hard enough. Oh, and trying to squeeze in a moment when I am too busy sure doesn't help!

  7. Hi Mary, welcome to the blogging world. I found your address on the ACFW email. I've only been blogging since the first of the year and have made several friends around the world. It's wonderful. My blog is mainly about my art but I like to read romantic suspense and like many others, dream of being an author. I just received my Genesis Contest results and am pleased to be judged as average. I will be following you and look forward to all the different topics you plan on blogging about.

  8. Congratulations on your Genesis result, Heather! And I do mean that. Have met too many writers who have never finished a manuscript or never entered a contest or even submited to an editor! I trust you had some helpful comments to try for revisions.
    Thank you for becoming my third follower! I hope you enjoy the blogs. Normally I would have one going up for Monday but decided to leave this the only one up this week as I try and let folk know.