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Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Bethlehem Warrior Baby book

My apologies for being late with this to the Blog Alliance and especially this Ray Hawkins!

"Life" - which includes putting writing on my current manuscript first - has meant new blog posts will have to wait for those hours when the story of Dave and Jenny is stalled in "Her Outback Cowboy".

Ray's writing has blessed me so very much for almost 48 years of him being not only my wonderful husband but also my "minister" at church. In fact, the Christian life he lives day by day has taught me equally as much by seeing what he preaches and teaches in action in his own life.
This ministry to me now continues also with his 31 Day devotional book series.

9 - 23 November

is introducing

(Even Before Publishing November 2012)

About the Author:

Ray Hawkins

Ray Hawkins, retired after over 40 years as a Churches of Christ minister, enjoys sharing themes from the Scriptures through Devotional writing.
Married to Mary, multi-published inspirational romance author, they have three children and five grandchildren.
Ray shares his insights in his first two books on Marriage and Children with more ideas to come about ministry and much more.
Living in Beauty Point Tasmania, Ray heads up a new Christian Fellowship as well as doing relief preaching, community work and writing.

Book Description:

Bethlehem's Warrior (31 Day Devotional)

Short Book Description: In 31 daily devotional meditations Bethlehem's Warrior
Baby takes you out of a sentimental nativity scene and into a contest with
eternal significance.

It walks you through God's promise in Genesis 3:15 of Someone coming and the
clues to His identity in the old Testament. You become aware that in the
Christmas event that 'Someone' has come.

I believe Christmas is the culmination of Heaven's countdown to reclaim men,
women and creation from the tyranny of sin, death and Satan. The cost involved
to God to achieve this should make the reader bow in awe and gratitude.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Australian Christian Readers Blog Alliance

5 - 9 November

is introducing 

Australian Christian Readers Blog Alliance 

(Ark House Press March 2008)

by Mary Hawkins

About the Author:

Mary Hawkins is a best-selling inspirational romance author with other 825,000 romance books in print. During the first few years of being published she also had five medical romance novels released by Harlequin Mills & Boon before concentrating on inspirationals for Barbour Publishing (Ohio). Return to Baragula is her first single title and the first released by an Australia publisher.

Mary was a Queensland farmer's daughter, became a registered nurse and has a graduate diploma from a Sydney Bible College where she met her husband. Ray is a retired minister who is also a published author. They enjoyed ministries in Australia, three short term mission trips to Africa and two years at a church in England before settling in beautiful Tasmania. They have three adult children and are now proud grandparents. Mary is a member of several writing organisations including American Christian Fiction Writers, Romance Writers of Australia, Romance Writers America, their Faith Hope Love chapter and Australian Omega Writers. She enjoys speaking appointments and writing workshops where she can share the journey she has been walking for many years with her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Book Description:

Return To Baragula
Over the years Emily Parker's actions as a teenager have impacted not only her own life, but the lives of many different people.

Now, six years later, she returns reluctantly to her home town of Baragula only to discover the man at the heart of those actions, Matthew Davidson, is the community's respected doctor.

While Emily's faith is now severely weakened by all that has happened, Matthew's life has completely turned around since he committed his life to Christ. His personal relationship with God is tested when he discovers how his behaviour when a non-believer hurt so many, especially Emily, and feels responsible for her hardness of heart towards the Lord.

Disease attacks the community while danger from another source threatens Emily and her family. Through it all, will Matthew and Emily's faith be strong enough to forgive each other and put the past behind them?

From Mary:
Thank you so much to Jenny Blake and Narelle Atkins for starting this blog alliance. I am so very privileged to be the first author to be featured in this way.
Do click on the blog name above to go to the ACRBA site for information about future events. Naturally, I am very interested in all the blogs including this information about my first book in my Baragula series.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Different Seasons And Times

Yesterday I managed to get my thoughts on “Need a Second Opinion” ready for my scheduled post for today on the International Christian Fiction Writers blog. Unfortunately on my first attempt at publishing it I had not scheduled it correctly to the agreed upon time that suits the northern hemisphere and for a brief few minutes in was on the blog site.  

My sincere apologies to Christine Lindsay for taking the place of her post for that brief time! Fortunately I’ve learnt not to trust my ability at blogging so did check and was horrified to see it already published. I did remove it as quickly as I could and now my post there is scheduled to be published instead at 2am US Pacific time which should be 9pm tonight Eastern Australian time! At least I think it is but never quite sure because of the summer daylight saving here and there and changes everywhere!

The devastating storm damage suffered by millions of Americans this week really brought home to me that as we enter our third month of spring, the northern hemisphere is in the last month of autumn and yet have already had a heavy snow storm as well as a hurricane. In Tasmania we too often get early winter conditions in the last month, May, of our autumn and I am thankful our days are now becoming warmer – even if snow was forecast this last week on the mountains in Tasmania.

Each year, this tree beside the road we often travel on to Beaconsfield a short distance from our home shows the changes of seasons.

It looked so sad when it was just bare branches until a few weeks ago so only took photos during my favourite seasons – autumn and spring. This one of pale green was taken a few days ago. Each day those  leaves will darken and in another few weeks will cover the tree in a thick canopy of green for summer over our Christmas and New Year period.

May those currently in a harsh and bare winter “season” of devastation in America soon see the brilliant colours of autumn as the “trees” prepare for the spring and promise of new beginnings.

I am just so glad that the “seasons” of my life, my “times”, are and will be forever safe in the loving hands of my Heavenly Father no matter what happens.

Oh, and the photo at the top is of a "season" we enjoyed in beautiful England back in 2005. It was a season of many rich blessings

Do  view my post on the ICFW blog later tonight by clicking HERE